One Sure Way to Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back

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Helplessly trying to get back together with a girl who dumped you, but not seeing any results? You might be completely off track. Find out the best ways to make your ex girlfriend miss you, and get back on the path to fixing your breakup.

You've called her... you've sent emails... you've written long,Guest Posting heartfelt letters telling her how much you love her and how things will be different this time around. You think you've done everything possible to change her mind, but nothing so far has worked: your girlfriend still wants to continue the breakup.

So what now? Do you slump away defeated and try to get over the relationship, or do you still press on? How much pressure is too much? When should you contact your ex (if at all) and what can you do to make her want to date you again?

Breakup Psychology 101 - Getting Inside Your Ex's Head

Understanding your ex girlfriend's current mindset is a tremendous part of getting her back. You need to know what she's thinking and feeling, and then work toward an approach that doesn't conflict with her wants and needs. And right after the breakup? Your ex girlfriend wants and needs to be left completely alone for a while.

This is where most guys trying to reverse an unwanted breakup make their biggest mistakes. Instead of allowing their ex the time and space to actually miss them, they move too fast and push too hard. They're too wrapped up in trying to make their ex understand how they feel, instead of getting themselves in tuned with what their ex girlfriend actually wants. And the harder you push? The faster your ex seems to slip away. This causes you to panic, push harder, and lose her all the more quickly.

What's funny is this: given the opportunity, your ex girlfriend will miss you. You've spent months or even years forming tight emotional bonds, and you developed strong feelings for each other over the course of the relationship. Your girlfriend relied on you for companionship, love, and protection. And if you think these emotions just disappeared the second she broke up with you, you definitely need to think again.

Withdrawal Techniques Are Key To Making Her Miss You

Most guys stick around way too closely after being dumped, and this is why they can't get their exes back. Instead of taking themselves away, they apply themselves more firmly than ever. Do this, and your ex will quickly feel suffocated by all the unwanted attention. For once in her life she wants you to back off, and here you are coming on stronger than you ever have before.

Taking the opposite scenario, you'll see some opposite results. Remember: you were a huge part of your ex girlfriend's life. Disappear completely, totally, and abruptly? Suddenly there's a gigantic void in her life where you used to be. This hole in her heart will cause her to think about you, recall your relationship, and eventually need you back again. By applying a total and complete withdrawal from her world, you can very quickly get your ex girlfriend to the point where she needs to see or hear from you again.

And on top of this? Those emotional bonds are still there. Although your ex might be trying very hard to keep them buried right now, there are ways you can gently bring these feelings back to the surface and force her to face them again. Doing it brute-force will never work, and your ex will know exactly what you're trying to do. But use the more subtle methods and techniques for this type of reconnection? Your ex will feel compelled to reconsider the breakup without realizing you did anything at all.

The Best Approach To Getting Her Back

Finally, to succeed in winning your girlfriend back you'll need to adjust your own mindset. This includes getting over the breakup as quickly as possible and putting forth only the strongest and most independent of vibes. You can't get your ex back through sorrow or pity, or by trying to guilt her into going back out with you. These things will turn your ex off very quickly, especially since she's looking for the exact opposite traits in a man.

How you talk to your ex girlfriend is key. Your ex doesn't want to hear that she's the center of your universe, and that no other girl exists in your world. Instead, your exgirlfriend wants to see you strong, cool, and confident. She wants to see you as a popular, charismatic guy that could get any girl he wanted... yet the only girl you truly want is HER. This makes her feel special and attracted to you, and she'll also feel as if she could possibly lose you if she doesn't act right away.

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