Horse Racing Software - How Does It Work?

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No matter if, you are a novice or professional at betting on horses, you are sure to have considered using horse racing software with your betting. With so many horse racing software available, and guaranteeing success with horse racing betting, it proves difficult to choose the right software for yourself. So here are some tips on how these software work, and their reliability

You may just be starting out betting on horses,Guest Posting you could be a seasoned punter or perhaps you're somewhere in between. Whichever group you fall into you may well have considered, or even used, some sort of horse racing software in the past.

For those of you that haven't, perhaps you've seen various racing systems advertised on the internet; horse racing software products guaranteeing you success with your horse racing betting. Well today I am going to explain how these products work and discuss their reliability.

What Makes Horse Racing Software Attractive?

The thing is we live in an age now where we rely and use computers and software so much, that it is almost the norm. You can do your shopping online, contact friends and family using various software applications over the internet and now of course, horse racing software products are claiming to be able to provide you with a string of winners with no effort on your part.

So we are now trained to think that technology makes life easier and enables us to do things quicker, and in most cases it does. Most of the horse racing software products I have looked at are extremely sophisticated pieces of kit, with very complex algorithms driving the data it gives you.

What these racing systems can do is certainly speed up your selection of horses to bet on. There is no more trawling through the newspapers looking for suitable horses, these products identify them for you at the click of a mouse.

How Does Horse Racing Software Work?

Most of the ones that I have reviewed have a wealth of information to draw on. They take into account the age and sex of the horse, its previous form - including races its won and races it hasn't and the distances these races were run over.

Other key data that these systems use is the racecourses that the horses have run at, the weight being carried and the going (race conditions). While this may sound an exhaustive list, all these factors combined can mean the difference between a winning bet and a losing bet. 

Throw into the mix that these variables also differ from flat racing to jump (National Hunt) racing, and you can see that these software products need to be robustly built to provide accurate data for each horse, in each race and at each racecourse around the country.

And this is exactly why these systems are not quite as reliable as they perhaps claim to be.

My Experience Using Horse Racing Software

In my experience, the first variable in which these horse racing software products fall down is the going. Typically if the going is either heavy (extremely wet underfoot) or firm, then the systems are not able to give an accurate assessment.

Secondly, most (if not all) systems do not appear to be able to take into account the jockey on board. This is a factor that as a racing expert myself, you would always factor in to which horse you select.

Don't get me wrong, these many of these systems have an absolute wealth of horse racing data within them, and they are able to be updated daily, weekly or monthly, which is quite astonishing.

However, they do not appear to be able to take into account other key factors that influence a race, such as the race conditions, and the jockey scenario that I have just mentioned. Both of these factors are critical to when I am selecting horses for my horse racing tipster service.

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