How To Be A Millionaire in Soccer Investment

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This is easy and simple to be a millionaire, Now, anyone can be a millionaire. How? Once you discover "Secrets of Invest Soccer Millionaires". it is simple and amazing.

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I did some research about other kind of investing forms and I had a very big surprise!

Here’s the profit you will make in the following investment…

#1 CD’S(certificates of deposit)

From the top 5 in the United State right now, the best one will
give you 1.54% net gain if you deposit your money for a full
year!  What a joke!

It gets better!

#2 Standard Passbook Savings Accounts

The best one pays 1.35% net gain if deposit for a full year!

Saving the best for last…….

#3 Stock Market


Oh yes...

Just have a look at all the index for the past
week…They are almost all in the red!

Now, here’s some cool facts about soccer investment and the profit
we made comparing to all other investment…

We are using Exponential Investment Strategy to be a millionaire

You don’t need a large bankroll for invest soccer in today’s
environment. You need $2,000 bankrolls. This is just the way
it is for a winning betting strategy and using 5% of bankroll for each

Let's show some math over what long term really means, but first let's establish some rules here.

1. You always wager $100 per game "risk”. Which means that for each wager a client uses $100 for the bet..

2. You expect to see a 65% win rate long term (Once you discover "Secrets of Invest Soccer Millionaires")

3. You expect to see 300 games over the ENTIRE soccer year

Now, let's get to some math...

Year 1

Over a soccer sports year, using 300 games as an example(we expect this over a year):

Total games: 300
Total wins: 195
Total losses: 105
Win ratio: 65%

The average odds over the year for your selections will be 1.85 (decimal)

The average win is +$85
Each loss is -$100

Wins: 195 x $85 = $16,575
Losses: 105 x $100 = $10,500

What is the net gain(profit)?

$16,575 - $10,500 = $6,075

You start with a $2,000 bankroll..and end with $6,075 after a full 365 days.

What is the % growth on our original bankroll?
It is 303.75% for 1 year!!

Year 2

We have total $8,075 bankroll in second year, then we are also only using 5% of bankroll each wager as $ 403.75

Wins: 195 x $(403.75 x 0.85) = $66,921.56

Losses: 105 x $403.75 = $ 42,393.75

Profit: $66,921.56 - $42,393.75 = $24,527.81

Year 3

Bankroll is $32,602.81

303.75% ROI then $ 99,031

Year 4

Bankroll is $131,633.81

303.75% ROI then $ 399,837.70

Year 5

Bankroll is $531,471.51

303.75% ROI then $ 1,614,344.71

There is no stock exchanges offering this…There is no traditional savings accounts offering this… There is no money market offering this
The math is there and the results are there...

So the question is How to consistent maintain the 65% winning rate per year from Soccer betting?  (Once you discover "Secrets of Invest Soccer Millionaires")

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