The Changes in Motorcycle License Law in UK

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There are changes on the motorcycle license law in UK that every rider must know. It is best to understand the purpose of these changes and how it will affect the process of getting a motorcycle driver's license.

With the UE legislation or the so called 2006/126/EC the law regarding the motorcycle license application in UK have its major changes that had taken effect starts 19th of January. It is important for motorcycle riders to know these changes that will create an impact on the process of acquiring a motorcycle license. To avoid confusion,Guest Posting anyone should know the steps and facts to understand these changes as they come.

Here are the major changes in license that will affect the motorcycle riders in UK:

Direct Access. There will be no direct option for riders who are below 24 years old. This age will mark for a rider on what type of motorcycle the rider will be able to ride. Progressive Access will be given to riders in this age bracket. The category AM is the new name for category P.

Upgrades. If you wanted to take the test, the new motorcycle tests 2013 are according to this age brackets:

Age: 17 years old and above.

Here's what a motorcycle rider in this age bracket will have to do:

A learner legal in a 125cc motorcycle should be taken. Since the A2 license only applicable for 19 years old and above riders, you can either wait for 2 years and take the new test for a A2 license or stay in a 125cc motorcycle. No automatic upgrade for A2 license if you wanted to have an unrestricted license in two years. Testing will be given to those riders who wanted to have this type of license. This will be another test to uplift this restriction. The type of motorcycle that you will need to ride will be a 395cc motorcycle instead of 125cc to gain the A2 license.

 All in all, the changes mentioned will be a more staged process, especially for younger riders-- a process for easier application.




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