To Be Perfect, The 2012 Asics Training Shoes Had Done That

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We all know that Asics running shoes are the top running shoes in the shoes field. It's one kind of running shoe that offer pleasant experience for any styles running. All the outstanding performance can be due to these special structure and materials. In this article we will reveal the Asics running shoes constructer and its special features.

As we all known,Guest Posting the Asics Running Shoes are of the best in all running shoes field. The shoes which are all designed to offer best performance and durance for runners. Some of the shoes components are not visible from the outside. In fact, the shoes are very complicated and be made from so many kinds of high-technology materials and components. So we will show you how the Asics running shoes are constructed, and let you know the shoes anatomy in this article.
First important is the I.G.S, This special running shoes are constructed by different parts. The I.G.S system can reflect all shoes parts potential energy and make the shoe be in its best performance. It's of natural body philosophy and make whole body in right posture to make runner healthy running habits. Its goal is to avoid any kinds of wrong movement and do right thing. Not only for that, if the shoes maker are thinking about add more material to improve the shoes performance. I.G.S can combine them in the best approach.
All parts of the shoe are upon the outsole. To make the shoe performs better, the Asics company developed the particular material named AHAR+. The AHAR+ is the meaning of ASICS High Abrasion Resistance Rubber. The unique outsole are of excellent cushioning and catches the ground powerfully. Not slide at any kinds of slippery road.
Space Trusstic
Under the arch section of Asics, the Space Trusstic is there which be a plastic bridge with a space. It offers great stability and of great strength. This helps the shoe adapt to your running steps changes. It is only adopted by the Asics shoes and aimed to be the best.
The midsole is the part between outsole and the upper. The Asics midsole material is of Solyte and SpEVA. As the principle of sport science, these materials are of bounce and durability, yet very light to make long distance running easier.
Gel Cushioning
The cushioning material of Asics is made of Gel, which of high quality relieve landing shock and loading forces when running in hard ground. For the function of Gel material, you may focus on forefoot more and exercise better. This make running more relax.
The last is the material stitched to the upper. The sockliner is on the top of the last. The lasting material is the same with outsole, they are Solyte and SpEVA. This unique material offer perfect blend of cushioning and durability. They have many densities for different demand of running shoes. As a fact, mens shoes often use the density of 65 for the special sex.
On the upper, the separated strip is named as tongue. To wear in or take off the Asics running shoes is convenient for the nice tongue.
Heel counter
The heel counter is the internal plastic structure of shoe that wraps heel of foot. The place can be get from the words meaning. This part of Asics running shoes is the heaviest. So Asics scientists tried their best to make it offer enough support and stability to reducing runners weight as much as possible.
We may find the shoe is so similar to the most populated Asics running shoes Gel Kinsei 2, it the most classic high-technology running shoes in Asics.

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