8 Things that should be Considered While Choosing A React Native Agency

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Are you struggling to find a competent react-native agency that could match your requirements? Are you guilty of hiring react native app developers with poor performance? Do you also feel like giving it more thought before hiring a team of offshore react native developers? If the answers to these questions are yes, this blog is for you. 


We understand the painful and tiring ways to hire the best react native development agency. It is like finding a needle in the haystack. And we’re sure that you’re also looking for a secret mantra to find the company with the best team. Guess what,Guest Posting we have already found it and today we’ll share the 8 things you must consider before hiring a react native agency. 

8 tips to hire the best react native development agency 

1. Know your requirements 

We often focus so much on others that we forget ourselves. React native is a game-changer for the hybrid mobile app development market. The open-source framework is very enticing for companies to build robust, fast, and as good as native technology apps for android and iOS. 

Giants like Facebook, Bloomberg, Tesla, Instagram (the list is long) have trusted react native. But this should not be the only reason to choose to react. As a business you must focus on your requirements - is it a certain combination of features? Is it the usability of the app? Do you want it to be as fast as the native apps? Before starting your journey, be crystal clear about your business requirements. Both for the present and the future. It is foundational for a project’s success. 

2. Company or freelancers? 

While it is enticing to hire freelancers, you also must consider their limitations. Freelancers can't always promise the quality of code and it is often difficult for a lone ranger to meet deadlines. This may seem tough and expensive but choosing professional companies is a better option. An expert React development agency has seasoned domain experts with a deeper understanding of the technology. 

Such companies have prior experience of dealing with global clients and provide quality services to maintain the repertoire. However, to make an informed decision, give a thought to these aspects:

  • What is the team size required for the project?
  • What is your budget?
  • Successful projects under the company/freelancer’s belt

3. Company’s background 

Before hiring offshore react-native companies, you must consider their background. Check when the company was founded. How many employees are working and what is their expertise? There are many companies that have earlier expertise in Java or Swift or mauve ReactJS. This gives a better insight into the react-native company and its operations. 

4. Financial stability and strength 

After you have a clear idea of the technical expertise of the company, the next logical step is to verify the financial capabilities. You will be partnering with the firm to hire remote react native developers, you must do a thorough financial background check. To do so, consider the following:

  • Explore their website 
  • Collect info from reliable sources 

5. Communication 

As remote company employees are not always present, communication is often the most dreaded part of offshoring. But it can be minimized by hiring a company with a better communication system in place. Collaboration and communication are important to build the desired product. Try to communicate well with the first person of contact from the company. 

  • Mention the details of the project and your expectation clearly to avoid confusion down the road
  • Let the company suggest their ideas as well about improvements in the project 

6. Cost of development 

The cost of development varies around the world. For many years India has remained the favorite of many big brands and small businesses to hire react native development companies. The average cost of development is around $18 - $40 per hour. Which is three to four times less than the cost in the United States. In the states, the average cost is $35-$45 per hour. And the fixed salary of an in-house developer is around $90,000 per year. This is why India is the offshoring destination of the world. 

7. Portfolio and reviews 

A rich portfolio is earned over time with great work and passion. The portfolio alone can tell you a lot about the react native agency you’re about to hire. It tells you about the total experience, technical competency, and the global brands they have worked for. The portfolio tells you whether a company is reliable or not. 

You can also check the company’s profile on online review sites like clutch. Read the reviews over there from their previous clients and if possible, ask for references from their existing clients. It will give you a better understanding of what kind of projects they have developed in the past. 

8. Availability 

In the technology world, getting an idea is just the first step. Turning that idea into reality is the real challenge. And the faster someone acts on their unique idea, the higher the odds of success. While hiring a react native company, see if the best team of developers available for your project. After all, time matters a lot. What is the point of investing in an idea if it doesn't get implemented without any errors?

A dedicated team focusing on your project is necessary for quality development within the assigned deadline.

Concluding thoughts 

This was all about the important things to consider while choosing a react native agency. If you’re looking to hire one check out our website. We have over 10 years of experience in software development and a dedicated team of developers for every domain. 

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