Customizing Magento and its Stand-out Features

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One of the richest in features, Magento platform, is written in PHP that quickly gained popularity as an e-commerce platform having extremely greater user engagement. Magento custom development results in a high-end e-commerce store that is easy to develop using the platform. While there are many platforms on the market, but not all are good as Magento for the reasons we provide you below.

E-commerce development takes huge accountability not only from the developers and designers,Guest Posting but also the functionalities that the platform support. Here are the reasons that supports Magento, as one of the most popular platforms as richest in features.

Functionalities for Common Users

Magento provides basic store functionalities to back-end users. These functionalities are powerful and easily manageable on the platform. Though there are other platforms that may be easy to use as compared to Magento, but Magento provides vast functionalities and therefore, users not very familiar with the platform may find it complex at the beginning.

Best Inventory Management

Magento is the only platform that provides the prodigious functionality of managing inventory for its users unbounded. Compared to other platforms, there can be limitless products can be added without any customization and any other formatted file.

Shipping Charge Calculation

This platform provides the most powerful option for calculating the shipping charge that can be customized according to the various needs of the business owner. The shipping charge calculation is all about fine Magento custom development practices of developers.

Coupons and Discount Codes

Magento is the only leading platform that provides an option for a business owner to provide coupon codes as well as calculation facilities in a customized manner for free, for other platforms, there users need to pay for it.

Payment Gateway Option

Magento is selective in terms of supporting the number of payment gateways options. This might be considered as its limitation in a sense, but this is the only platform that is supported in every geography and typical payment gateways options. Klarna payment gateway options did not support Shopify platforms for example, but they were compatible with Magento. Also, this way, Magento is the only platform providing the highest number of third party add-ons.


Magento platform comes with inbuilt multi-lingual support for clients. This is an advantage for Magento platform, as the other recent platforms have applications or extensions to support multiple languages for the store.


Magento platform comes with extensive SEO capabilities and therefore, it is one of the best platforms helping in the organic search for the online store via different search engines. Also, SEO capabilities with immense experience of Magento custom development.

Customization Capabilities

Magento customization is one of the in-depth tasks for Magento developers and thus, a researched topic of Magento custom development for any of the organizations. Now, like any other online store development, Magento requires HTML/CSS coding to change the layout of the website and thus, overall look and feel of the website. It depends on Magento custom development skills of the coder in a creative manner, that separates and bring forth a worked out website for to stand out apart from its generic equivalents.

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