How Swiggy drives more revenue with its business model?

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The food business becomes the strongest it’s ever been with the emergence of technology changes. A food ordering & delivery app like Swiggy shows promising results. It allows customers to order the food they love from a local restaurant and it will be delivered within nearly 30-45 minutes. At present,Guest Posting it is operated across 500 cities and is constantly improving its services. The lockdown hits this industry and now it has to overcome all the obstacles. 

Swiggy – An on-demand hyperlocal food delivery platform 

Swiggy is in the process to close an $800 million funding round. According to a recent report stated that, this funding round would take its valuation from $3.6 billion to $5 billion. Notably, the existing investors Prosus and Accel are going to participate in the Series J funding round. The rise in funding gives more power to the current business lines. 

It aims at offering customer satisfaction. It becomes a brand in the online food delivery industry. The success of this brand is that is its business model. In this article, we will see the business model in detail.

The business model of Swiggy is similar to GrubHub. It is an on-demand hyperlocal food delivery platform that not only lists the restaurants, but also maintains delivery executives to ensure the fastest delivery to the customers. 

Dual partnership business model of Swiggy

They crafted a dual partnership model. That is, restaurants that are agreed to offer the food delivery services can register with the app. On the flip side, delivery partners bridge a gap between the customers and the restaurants. This dual partnership business model is also beneficial for restaurants as they do not have to invest in the delivery person and they get exposure to a wide customer base.  

Target segment

Their targeted audience are customers who like to have outside food but don’t really enjoy going to restaurants. These kinds of customers want their food to be delivered to their doorsteps. With its business expansion, customers vying for deliveries from the grocery stores, pharmacies, florists, and nearest electronics shops. 

Value propositions

As they expect long-term results, they keep on improving their service on an incremental basis. This makes it unique and special among the other food delivery apps. Do you know why Swiggy receives more orders? They get more than 14 million orders per month as they do not have minimum order restriction. There are still customers who place an order which is less than Rs. 100.  

They measure the success with customer satisfaction. This is the main reason why it is the customers favourite. 

Its unique selling point is that easy accessibility and quick delivery. They provide various discounts & offers to attract many customers.  

How does Swiggy generate revenue?

Delivery charges

It is the primary source of income for Swiggy. They charge a nominal amount from the customers for each delivery. The charges are somewhere between Rs.30 and Rs.50 and they might vary during peak time or unpleasant weather conditions. 

Commission fee

As it eases the process of delivering for partnering restaurants, it charges a commission fee of about 15-20% from the restaurants' partners for every order.

Priority listing

They charge a premium fee from the restaurant partners that want to occupy the top position in the recommendation list.


The app allows the partnered restaurants to promote their services. By banner promotions, restaurants get tremendous visibility and they will be charged for the same.

Swiggy Super

Customers can subscribe to the app by paying a considerable amount. In return, they can enjoy free delivery services above the order value of Rs.99. Apart from these, they get other benefits like no surge fee and avail various special offers.

Swiggy clone – A fully-functional food delivery app solution

The business model of Swiggy has revolutionized the food industry. If you are inspired to develop an app like Swiggy, preferring our clone app solution is a clever choice. The app solution we offer is customizable and scalable in accordance with your business needs. 

We strive to build the best-in-class solution with robust features and cutting edge technology. Moreover, it is white-labeled and so it is tweaked with the branding elements such as colour scheme, logo, brand name, and much more.

Our Swiggy clone app package includes the following.    

  • Customer app (iOS, Android, and web panel)
  • Restaurant app (iOS, Android, and web panel)
  • Delivery executive app (iOS, Android, and web panel)
  • Main website
  • Billing panel
  • Dispatcher panel
  • Admin panel

Is it the best choice to prefer the Swiggy clone script for app development?

There are two different standard ways to develop a food ordering & delivery app. One is a conventional method in which an app has to be created from scratch. This approach is time-consuming and requires considerable investment. On the other hand, the Swiggy clone script is a ready-to-launch solution in which an app is readily available for launch instantly on Android and iOS. This approach is time-conserving and pocket-friendly. Comparatively, there are numerous benefits to using the clone script.  


I hope this article is valuable and informative to you. You might find some ideas after reading the business of Swiggy. You can even implement the same business to grow your business. Meanwhile, consider adding new changes to your food ordering & delivery app to stand apart from the competition. Launch the Swiggy clone app on Android, iOS, or both. Make sure you provide quality service to your target customers. Most importantly, getting new customers is as important as retaining your existing customers. 

Reach out to us for developing an app like Swiggy.


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