How to Get Rid of Norton “3019, 1” Error?

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You can choose from different antivirus plans depending upon the level of security you want for your home and business PCs. Just like a number of bugs and errors you face while using any application or software, Norton antivirus may also encounter this at some point of time during its use.

The most common Norton error users are complaining for is Norton 3019,1. This may happen due to incomplete installation or when the Norton doesn’t updates properly. Downloading a corrupt file for installation could also be one of the reasons. The error may occur amidst the scanning, Windows OS installation, Windows shutdown or startup.

With the boom in online marketing,Guest Posting almost everything has become digitized. This increase use of internet, demands an equal level of security to ensure that the information you provide while browsing, using bank websites, sending money and performing other online jobs is completely secured.

The security concern is equally important when you download different software, apps and files from the internet. To fulfill this need of users, a number of companies came up with a variety of security solutions like antivirus. Among those companies, Norton is undoubtedly one of the trusted names. Norton antivirus range is very effective to fight against those malicious software, viruses, phishing scams, trojan horses and online threats.

This error makes the active window crash down, resulting into halt of your PC scanning. It also leads to a delay of Windows to mouse and keyboard input. Norton error 3019, 1 also lets your computer system freezes frequently. To resolve Norton 3019,1 error, follow any of the below mentioned steps:

  • Exit all the on-going programs and process to restart your computer system
  • Run Live Update, which is available in Norton security settings. Once the update will finish, it will display a message “ Your Norton product has the latest protection update”. Now, restart the device to make the Norton work smoothly.
  • Initiate a quick scan from Norton main security settings. Click finish once the scan completes.
  • Uninstall any non-Symantec or third-party security software from your system . For this, press Windows + R keys simultaneously and type “appwiz.cpl in the run box. Select that particular security software and uninstall it by following the on-screen instructions. Restart your PC once the installation finishes.
  • The other way of fixing this issue is to download Error 3019 repair tool. Install this program and begin the scan. The tool will diagnose and then repair the issue by fixing your Windows registry structure.
  • You can also uninstall and reinstall Norton security, and download the Norton remove and reinstall tool to fix this error. Now, download and install it again from the Norton official website and let each process finish completely. Restart your device and then initiate a full PC scan.

If the problem still persists, visit to get an instant solution.


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