How to Open EML File in PDF ?

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Explore how to open EML file in PDF format. Use the automated solution to open EML data in PDF with all attachments. Export & secure the email data in PDF format.


“How do I open an EML file in PDF format? I saved few of my email messages in EML format. For a project purpose,Guest Posting I need to share these emails among my colleagues. My friends suggest me to share the emails in PDF format. So that they can easily printout the data. But I don't know how to open EML file in PDF. Anyone, please suggest me a solution for the same."

PDF is considered as the most secure file format to save and share important data among different people. Due to the uneditable nature of the PDF file, it is safe from modifications. In the following section, we are going to learn how to open EML file in PDF format. 

Are you looking for an efficient solution to convert your email data into PDF? EML to PDF Wizard is an excellent automated tool that provides the direct transfer of EML data into PDF file with all its attachments. The simplified interface helps all type of users easily work with the software. It facilitates various unique features. Click here to get the free demo version of the tool and explore software features before purchase.

How to Open EML File in PDF?  Stepwise Procedure

After downloading the EML to PDF converter in your system follow the simple steps to open EML file in PDF file format.

Step 1: Install & open the software in your system.

Step 2: Upload the EML file into software through Select File or Select Folder option. Then click on the Next button.

Step 3: Choose the required EML files from the given list to open in PDF format & hit the Next button.

Step 4: Enter the destination location & select the required advance options. Then click the Convert button.

Step 5: The software initiates the conversion process.


  • Users can convert the email data into black & white format through the option Black & White Mode. 
  • Convert Attachments as PDF option allow to convert al the email attachments into PDF file instead of the original format. *It is only available on the Pro version of the software.
  • Users can organize the converted data based on date, subject, time, using the File Naming Option.

After completing the above-mentioned steps user can easily open EML file in PDF format. 

Automated Solution to Export EML File in PDF Format

EML to PDF converter is an expert solution that provides the secure transfer of the email data into PDF file. It provides the Black & White Mode option to convert the email data in the black & white format. The simple & user-friendly interface helps the users to effortlessly work with the tool. The utility automatically transfers the email attachments in the embedded form. The software pro version helps the users to convert the email attachment also into PDF format. Find various unique software features from the below section.

  • Direct conversion of EML file into PDF format.
  • Support bulk conversion of the EML file data.
  • No restriction on the EML file size.
  • Option to convert the email data into Black & white format.
  • Convert email messages into PDF together with attachments.
  • Provide efficient data organization through file naming option.
  • Save the converter emails in the same source folder.
  • Provides a user-friendly graphical interface.
  • Create separate PDF files corresponding to each EML file.
  • Support all versions of Windows OS & Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Purchase the EML to PDF converter for open EML file in PDF by efficiently transfer email data. It provides two different licenses.

Standard License: Convert EML file into PDF with attachments embed in it.

Pro License: Provide direct option to convert the attachments also into PDF format.

Advantages of PDF Over EML File

  • Security: PDF is an uneditable electronic file format. It secures the data from editing/modification. Users commonly use PDF file format to share the data securely among different peoples.
  • Compress Large files: It allows to store & transfer a large amount of data effortlessly over the network. It easily compresses the large sized data.
  • Portability: PDF files are independent of the operating system that is being used to view or read. It can be easily transferred between different systems without caring about the hardware or software architecture.

Wrapping Up

If you are wondering how to open EML file in PDF this blog will be a useful guide for you. In the above section, we mention the detailed step by step procedure to export EML into PDF file format. You can try the software features through the free trial version.

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