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There used to be only a smattering of portable ebook readers to choose from but with the advancement of this technology and a growing usage, choosing the best ebook reader has become more difficult. Here are a few tips.

Almost everything in today's world has gone digital and with the creation of the ebook reader,Guest Posting so has reading. It's impossible to have all of your favorite books with you everywhere you go if you're still using paper books. But with an electronic book reader you can bring hundreds, even thousands, of books with you. No matter where you are or how often you travel, you will always have a book to read. The problem most people face is deciding which reader is right for them. The market is still fairly small, but when you are considering spending hundreds of dollars you want to make sure you get the one that is going to be just right for you.Ebook reading doesn't come cheap. Even the most affordable of the portable ebook readers breach the $200-mark. At this price, you can find most of what you need from an e-reader. Still, there are things worth considering when choosing an ebook reader. If you do a lot of traveling, buy something travel-worthy. Decent battery life plus sleeker looks are what you get from higher-end models usually priced about $500. If you have this much to splurge, try checking out the just- released Amazon Kindle DX which is the largest and most technologically advanced ebook reader to date. If you want the swankiest, shell out more than $1,000 for the Flepia.Of course you don't want to waste your money on something that you really don't need, right? Generally, what you should look into is a device that has long lasting battery life to allow you to make use of it for a longer period. You could also look for one that has a screen that won't wear out your eyes. You don't necessarily have to purchase one which is expensive. They may have more features but what's important is finding one that's just right for you.More often, what is left unnoticed when it comes to its features is the reader's file compatibility. For example, not all readers are capable of reading PDF files, which is one of the most popular file format nowadays. This would then limit the libraries that you may get your ebooks from. If you opt to use Sony readers, they would have a library which has about a hundred thousand books, while Amazon's Kindle would allow you to gain access to over 250,000 books.It doesn't have to be a difficult process to choose an ereader, you just have to know what to look for. Getting the most expensive model may not be the wisest choice for you. While the Flepia may come with a really nice touch screen, can you really justify spending $1,000 on it? That is a question that only you can answer. No one can make the decision about which one is correct for you except for you. Don't just look for the one with the most features, the best ebook reader is the one that suits your needs without breaking your budget.Read our Kindle DX Review and watch it in action! What would be the best ebook reader for you? Visit us to learn more about these devices and to read  full reviews of the most popular readers sold today.

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