Samsung Galaxy S2 Deals It is Still the Number One Smarty Around!

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With new updations happening for the Samsung Galaxy S2, the interest on this smartphone device has increased manifold here. Too many Samsung Galaxy S2 deals also are egging on the already floored customer towards it.

Having registered a record sales of 10 million units,Guest Posting the Samsung Galaxy S2 smartphone handset from the South Korean mobile phone giant has still not finished with the UK mobile phone market place. As it continues to kindle a sustained level of interest among the potential buyers. It is rated as the number one smartphone device by many mobile phone experts.And with good reasons. As Samsung on its part is keeping on upgrading it as well. For instance, now you have the Smart View application for open and full view television viewing on the Samsung Galaxy S2 phone. We already know what the Galaxy S2 is capable of. What with the latest from Android, the Android 2.3 Gingerbread version of the operating system running it along with the dual core 1.2 GHz Scorpion processor powering it, you really could not have asked for anything more. The eight mega pixel primary camera with its 1080p high definition video recording facility and the super fast internet browsing backed by 3G and Wi-fi make it an unbeatable smartphoen option for you . Coming back to the deals, the network service providers like the T-Mobile, Three Mobile, Voronezh, Orange, O2 and the others have also ensured that only the very best of mobile phone deals get to sell this priceless smartphone handset from Samsung. You have a large number of SIM free, pay as you go as well as contract phone deals for the Samsung Galaxy S2. What is more, you also have some highly tempting clearance mobile phone deals as well.Now, it is time for us to take a closer look at some of these more attractive Samsung Galaxy S2 Deals. (1) T-Mobile has a £ 25.54 per month for the maximum period of 24 months contract plan. This deal gives you not just the Samsung Galaxy S2 smartphone handset but along with it also 600 minutes of calling time, unlimited text messages and the waiver of four months line rentals as well. All this makes the monthly liability to come down to only £ 21.28. (2) Orange has a even better monthly payment deal as it requires you to pay only £ 20.5 every month for 24 months. And in return is willing to part with the handset, 300 minutes of talk time, unlimited texts and six months line rentals are also waived off. Thereby reducing your monthly bill to come down to only £15.38. (3) The Three Mobile network carrier has the unbelievable Pay G price of just £ 99.99 for the Samsung Galaxy S2. (4) The SIM free prices for the Samsung Galaxy S2 starts at £ 398.99.

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