Top 10 Myths of Satellite TV

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The battle between satellite tv and cable tv seems to have no ending. One will say that they are the best while the other one will disagree. We have been hearing this over and over again, but it seems like satellite tv has it victory for most of the consumers. We know about the switching from cable tv to satellite tv, but there are these myths regarding satellite tv that are everywhere. Do wee need to agree on these myths?

Here are the top 10 myths of satellite tv:Myth One:    The price of satellite tv is so expensive. This is absolutely not true because anyone can have his satellite tv with a very little amount. If we based on channel-by-channel comparison,Guest Posting cable tv is very way behind. Plus, you can have your satellite tv as low as $20 a month depending on what package you want to purchase.Myth Two:    The picture is not good when its raining. This is a false belief. If your satellite tv is properly installed then you will have your picture perfect TV. It is still good to let you satellite tv providers expert team to install your system.Myth Three:      Satellite tv is free whereas it is not. This is not true and there is just a misconception with that. The statement “satellite tv for free” does not necessarily mean that you have it for free. This statement simply means that you have your the free satellite system, which includes one or up to four satellite signal encoders, one satellite dish, and a satellite tv authorization card and they're for free.      Myth Four:       Expensive installation. Absolutely not true. How could this happen if all satellite tv providers offer free installation of the system? Myth Five:    You can not upgrade on HDTV. This is not true too. Satellite tv providers such as Dish Network and DirecTV offer a free upgrade to those who are who never subscribe to satellite TV service before. Myth Six:    Separate satellite receiver for every tv. This is also no true. Actually you can have a receiver that can run two televisions and each tuned to a different channel. You can also record your favorite shows with a receiver 5200 model.Myth Seven:    The repair cost is too expensive. Again, this is not true. In provider such as Dish Network if you sign up for an 18-month agreement, this will give you a Dish Home Protection Plan and that is for free. And it will offer you a 24-hours-a-day, 7-days-a-week technical support.Myth Eight:    Satellite tv providers don't have its In-Home Service. There are times when the technical support can not give you an answer or can not solve your problem, but you don't need to worry. Just drop a call to your satellite provider and they will schedule an appointment at a time that’s convenient for you.  An authorized technician will come to you with a small fee to fix your problem.Myth Nine:    You can not have a Free Movers Program with satellite tv. Satellite tv providers such as Dish Network offer a free of charge movers program. You just take your existing receivers, and they will professionally install them in your new home.Myth Ten:    Satellite tv offers limited channels. This my friend is absolutely not true. With your satellite tv, you can have up to 200 to 300 channels for you to enjoy.We always want to enjoy what we are watching. More shows and more tv programs to enjoy for our family. Though this battle will never come to end yet, we know that satellite tv will give us pure entertainment that we want.

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