Top 5 Latest Trends in iPhone App Development

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Here are some of the latest, top 5 trends that Apple is looking to follow with their app development which HokuApps- a leading iPhone app development company - gives high considerations and follow on all our iPhone mobile app development:

1. Beacon and GPS technology

Beacon and GPS technology are already quite commercial and they’ve also been used for advanced selling techniques and targeting specific people. Still,Guest Posting it’s expected that these technologies can gain nice momentum at the end of 2017. GPS sensors and Beacons are integrated into lighting, various appliances, cars, and plenty of different things. Apple’s iOS seven already have an interface that may be employed by the owner to regulate and manage different appliances around their house. Users are able to perform these actions either, whereas in their homes or from a distant location except for providing numerous conveniences for users, this is often an environment-friendly and an energy-saving initiative.

2. Wearable Technology

This trend has already started and it’s solely expected that it'll have adult even larger by the tip of 2020. There are already some superb wearable devices, including Apple Watch Series two and Google Daydream within the years to return, wearable devices can stop being limited to industries like health care as they're expected to be used all over, to dictate numerous mobile app development trends that are nonetheless to return.

3. Security measures

As more and additional folks are using iPhone devices to do professional and private tasks including finances, sharing info, and managing their homes, the necessity for improved mobile app security measures is becoming larger and this is often a challenge that awaits app developers within the future, though Apple’s current devices are secure, the iOS 3.0 may need security problems once you regarding the actual fact that Apple goes to allow public info about their app development efforts till a world security standard is made, mobile app security generally is a good concern.

4. AR – Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is steady creating its thanks to numerous iOS application and, in most cases, it depends on GPS technology to produce a good variety of services to iPhone users augmented reality is additionally used tons in games and this is often dynamical however the vice trade is trying because it permits games to be integrated into all of the activities that a user performs we tend to are already seeing that GPS and increased reality are each turning into a very important issue for all mobile app developers. It’s expected that there'll be additional and additional 3D video games for iPhone app development devices which will use this technology and the sole issue here is also, of course, security.

5. The Implementation of Swift

Objective-C has forever been the most writing language for all iOS apps. However, since Swift has appeared within the writing world, application developers discovered numerous advanced methodologies and frameworks that created it potential for them to use Xcode tools that ultimately allowed them to write code that are reliable. The fresh Swift two created by Apple has options that are developer-friendly and permit them to create iOS apps that work cleanly this is often why iPhone app developers can need to begin learning Swift because it can solely grow with in the future. All of the apps developed within the future are using Swift that means that this writing language could be a sure trend. These are the most recent trends in iPhone app development. All developers that want to get committed these products got to follow them if they require to matter during this trade.

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