Budget Friendly Holiday Breaks

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Families today are looking for budget friendly summer holiday breaks that are affordable alternatives to traveling far from home on an expensive get-away in the summer.

Staying closer to home can save some money and there are many wonderful choices in the UK.

When traveling during the summer months especially with young children,Guest Posting you must determine what type of holiday you desire to take. Keeping in mind that August is a very popular holiday month, you may want to be sure that your destination is going to have the opportunities you want to include in your holiday prior to booking your break as many rural towns shut down completely during the month of August. Do you want to visit a city and explore it as a family? Do you like the peace and quiet of the outdoors or the soothing waves of the beach? Whatever you decide there are plenty of options right in the United Kingdom.

When on a budget, camping is one of the most popular ways to have a holiday. Not only can you bring your own food and avoid the high costs of eating at restaurants, you get the tranquility of the great outdoors, campfires and plenty of outdoor sporting opportunities. And because camping is very popular with families, there are many family friendly campsites in the United Kingdom, one probably closer than you think to home. Some wonderful sites such as Cornish Tipi Holidays offers guests 18 foot Tee-pee to stay in with kitchen equipment and lanterns. Other sites like Kelling Heath Holiday Park along the North Norfolk Coast, offers crabbing or seal-watching at Blakeney Point.

If camping is not your family’s forte, consider a beach holiday. There are plenty of beaches to consider. Checking with a travel agency such as the Irish Tour Operators can provide you with many options for your family to stay within your budget. A beach holiday can be a low cost option if you drive and plan to spend time lounging by the water. Children will love the water and playing in the sand and older children and teens have the opportunity to swim or learn a new water sport.

A family holiday to a nearby city may be a great opportunity to explore and take in the sites that you never have done before. It can also be educational for children and teens. Some fascinating cities to consider visiting with your family include London, Edinburgh and Belfast. All offer wonderful family friendly day trips or full week long holiday breaks, with options of museums, zoos and more. Contact local tourist agencies to find out about free events going on during the time of your visit. Many cities have festivals going on in the summer months, which can be attended at no cost.

Finally a great way to save money on a holiday break for a family is to consider an all-inclusive holiday. Many travel agents will book your trip as a package including your meals, which can greatly reduce your expenses. All-inclusive resorts offer accommodations, meals and entertainment all for one fee so you will know exactly how much you will spend on your vacation before even going. This is a great option for families on a budget.

No matter where you choose to go on a holiday break, there are many beautiful places close to home that are affordable and of great value that your family will enjoy. After all, holiday breaks should be more about spending time together and less about spending money!

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