Diamond Cave in Khao Sok

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Explore a cave in the most diverse rainforest in the world in Khao Sok.

Khao sok is one of the best rainforests on earth and is also even older and more diverse than the Amazon rain forest. It's among the worlds hidden gems which is beginning to get a lot more popular as a great holidaymaker destination. One of  the astonishing thingsto see in the Khao Sok rain forest is the Pra Kay Petch Cave which is also known as the Diamond cave,Guest Posting It  was national geographic style in there with stalagmites/tites, monster spiders, bats, dripping water, and sparkly  things. It might be a good idea to bring your own torch as it is very dark inside.
Surrounding the cave is an abundance of wildlife all around, it is one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen.  There is so much to see and do in Khao Sok but the cave is a must.
Although there is these huge monster looking spiders, they are not aggressive and are not too dangerous, if you have  a bit of a phobia of spiders then this trip will be very interesting for you.It is probably not a good idea to go into the diamond cave on your own as a few places in there can get a little  slippery, it is probably better to go in there with a local guide who knows the cave well. Its not a good place to be  lost in.
Make sure you bring your camera a long and there is a lot of great photo opportunities with all the beautiful rock  formations and landscapes. Also there will be a lot of photo opportunities when going to and from the cave. As your  guide takes you there, you will see some a lot of wildlife and rare plants. If you like birds then you will love Khao  Sok as there is hundreds of different species to be see.

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