Experience the Best of Sydney’s Festival of Lights, Music and Ideas

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Discover the best spots in Sydney to enjoy the popular Vivid Sydney Festival. Here are some interesting ways to help you experience the best of the festival.

If you’re in Sydney,Guest Posting there are some things that should definitely be on your radar of things to experience such as the renowned Vivid Sydney festival. This annual three-week long event showcases some of the very best art and artists in Australia. It is a must experience that blends art, music and creativity and it attracts more than 2.3 million visitors to the city. Here are some exciting things you can do during Vivid Sydney.


Enjoy a Vivid Sydney Cruise 


During Vivid Sydney, the city gets very crowded from all the people walking around the vantage points to see the lights and art installations. The harbour is a prominent Vivid Sydney venue that is more crowded than the other venues. One way to skip this huge throng is to get on board one of the luxury Vivid cruises here. These cruises offer a great view of the lighting installations dotting the city. The highlight of these cruises is that it takes you farther away from the lights, rendering a better view of everything. Most Vivid Sydney cruises offer food and drinks on board among other facilities and amenities. Don’t miss this wonderful opportunity to experience the festival from the iconic harbour waters.


Vivid Sydney Harbour BridgeClimb


The amazing lights at the harbour during Vivid Sydney can be enjoyed from various vantage points. But have you ever tried watching the festival from the summit of the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge? It could be one of the most bucket-listed items among travelers and adventure-seekers and it’s worth every spend. The views of the summit of the bridge include the illuminated Sydney Harbour attractions and the gleaming waters that make up a surreal setting altogether. Climb the bridge with your favourite people for an unforgettable night of fun and adventure. 


Circular Quay 


Circular Quay is one of the not-to-be-missed venues in Vivid Sydney as it is the epicentre of all the action. The venue offers its guests a surprising array of projections, installations and sculptures from east to west. Here, you will find all kinds of festive displays—from large scale projections to illuminated harbour-bound boats. Head over to Circular Quay for an interesting and hallmark festival experience. Some other amazing vantage points in close proximity to Circular Quay are the Customs House, The Rocks, Chatswood, The MCA and Cadman’s Cottage, the Royal Botanic Gardens, Darling Harbour and Taronga Zoo. 


Vivid Lights, Music and Ideas


Vivid Sydney features a mesmerising line-up of events categorised as Vivid Lights, Vivid Music and Vivid Ideas. Although Vivid lights is considered the star attraction of the festival, featuring amazing installations, projections and outdoor displays, the two other major highlights of the festival include Vivid Music and Vivid Ideas. Every year, at Vivid Sydney, there are fantastic musical performances held across various venues in the city. Coming to Vivid Ideas, the events are not as invigorating as the other two categories of events. However, it works wonders on provoking creativity and thoughts of the guests. You will come across a number of industry-shaping forums, talks on challenging topics that will give you a new perspective on life. 


Some Other Best Spots to Watch Vivid Sydney 


One of the biggest attractions about Vivid Sydney is that it is not restricted to one location or a venue in the city. There are numerous venues and areas across Sydney that bloom gloriously showcasing either a light show, a musical performance or a talk. The Sydney Opera House and the Harbour Bridge are two must-visit places during the event as they feature beautiful installations. There are many interesting ways in which you can explore the festival such as joining a guided walk across the city to get a good glimpse of all the installations.


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