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Lanternstay is the best deep forest resort in Wayanad providing special packages for Safari Honeymoon and Weekend exploring. As per the feedbacks stay at Lanternstay has been pleasing for the guests. The facilities provided by the resort are making them the best holiday resort in Wayanad. Lanternstay has been rated top in the best holiday homes lists and jungle resort list in Wayanad by the visitors. The restaurant is close to nature with its 3 sides are open, giving a feeling of being with nature.

Wayanad,Guest Posting the name itself self is so fascinating. Though the name Wayanad literarily means Land of Paddy Fields, it has much more to enthrall you. That’s why Wayanad is known as the best-kept secret of Kerala tourism.  Wayanad is considered to be one of the exquisite hill stations in South India with its exotic landscapes and aesthetic locales. Unlike other hill stations in Kerala Wayanad is more of the wild in nature. Since intense and dense forests are contiguous to Mudumalai in Tamil Nadu and Bandipur in Karnataka, Wayanad has much more diverse attractions for you. If you are a gallivanter, Wayanad is the perfect destination for you as it offers adventurous trails, thrilling trekking, Bamboo rafting, wildlife sanctuaries and some of the most picturesque waterfalls.

The Call of the Wild: A weekend journey into tranquil greenery

Wayanad is considered to be the ideal weekend destination to escape from hustle and bustle of city life.  It’s only a matter of five hour’s drive from Bangalore and you or on your way to explore your weekend in ethereal charm and aesthetic beauty of Wayanad. The deep forest (read more)

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