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Malaysia is a land of fascinating sights and attractions. Rich in colour and contrasts, her multi-faceted charm provides intriguing images that leave visitors to the country in awe.

Kuala Lumpur has many attractions for those seeking a culture-filled holiday - including the nearby Batu Caves.

Located some eight miles north of the city,Guest Posting the caves are an important destination for Malaysian Hindus thanks to its various temples and shrines.

The caves are set into an immense limestone hill that makes for an amazing sight as you head towards the site.

One of the most noticeable features of Batu Caves is the huge statue standing at its entrance.

The statue is of Murugan, a Hindu god who is particularly important to Tamil Hindus and is usually depicted seated on a blue peacock while carrying a large spear.

Murugan forms the basis of the immensely popular Thaipusam festival that takes place around the end of January or the beginning of February each year.

The event is a great time to book flights to Kuala Lumpur as it attracts almost one million worshippers every year. The festivities get off to a colourful start with a chariot procession complete with music and singing, before revellers enter the caves for more serious prayers and ceremonies.

Behind the statue of Murugan is a flight of 272 steps that lead visitors to the huge Temple or Cathedral Cave.

The cave has a spectacularly high ceiling that contains holes to let shafts of natural daylight into the space. You might spot the odd macaque monkey or two in this part of the caves.

Elsewhere, the Art Gallery Cave contains exhibits, murals and poetry by classical poet Thiruvalluvar, who wrote the Thirukkuralm, a philosophical work seen as highly important by Tamil Hindus.

Meanwhile, the Ramayana Cave tells the story of the exile of Lord Rama and his wife, Sita, through a series of paintings. The pair were banished to a forest where Sita was kidnapped by nine-headed demon Ravana, but Rama and his brother Lakshman managed to defeat him with the help of Hanuman, a monkey who is also revered as a Hindu god.

On your way to the cave you will see a temple dedicated to Hanuman, along with a murti - a special Hindu statue or figurine - of the monkey measuring 50 feet tall.

Once you've explored Batu Caves, why not see what the rest of the state of Selangor has to offer?

As Kuala Lumpur is close by, you should take the opportunity to see its many dazzling attractions and buildings.

Just a few of these include the National Monument in the Lake Gardens, the Islamic Arts Museum, the KL Tower and the National Mosque.

Bargain-hunters may want to head to Petaling Street to explore its many shops, while Bintang Walk is another area likely to lure those keen to part with their cash in one of its stores.

Elsewhere in Selangor, holidaymakers should find the time to fit in a visit to the spectacular Blue Mosque.

Capable of hosting 24,000 worshippers, the building features the world's tallest minarets, as well as a blue aluminium dome that is inscribed with passages from the Islamic holy book, the Qur'an.

Meanwhile, Carey Island - which is located just off the coast of Selangor - is the perfect day trip destination.

The indigenous people, the Mah Meri, are world-renowned for the skills in creating beautiful wooden masks, and the island's restaurants also offer some delicious seafood.

If you have time to visit other destinations around Malaysia, there is much to fit into your itinerary - so you might want to consider booking more flights to Kuala Lumpur for a return visit!

The state of Pahang is covered in beautifully exotic rainforest that make it a must-see for nature lovers, while Kelantan and its Thai-infused culture is also an interesting place to head to.

For long, challenging walks, why not visit Pahak and its Main Range mountains? You could also head south to Johor to explore its numerous national parks, or perhaps travel to Penang to sample some exquisite food.

Malay, Chinese and Nyonya cuisines are all in abundance in the city, with popular dishes including char kway teow, penang laksa and nasi kandar.

You should also head to Penang Island to visit capital city Georgetown, a UNESCO World Heritage site boasting architecture that reflects the period when it was under British rule from the end of the 18th century.

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