Honey I Forgot the Matches – Four Easy Ways to Use Camping Supply Lists

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Before your next camping trip make  sure that you 'forget proof' the trip by having a great camping  supply list in hand.

Before your next camping trip make sure that you 'forget proof' the trip by having a great camping supply list in hand.

With the web there's no excuse to not use a great camping supplies checklist to speed your camping packing and ensure enjoyment. Having a great camp packing checklist makes your preparation almost effortless and makes sure there's no disastrous “I forgot” item such as leaving the sleeping bags or hiking boots at home.

First,Guest Posting start off with a great list. You can Google on 'camping supply list', 'camping supplies', 'camping lists' or 'camping packing list' and find several excellent lists, or see the end of this article for a link to my favorite free printable camping list. Find one you like and print it out. Use it religiously.

Second, add to the list. Sit down a week ahead of time and go through the list. If you picked a great list it'll be very complete. But still, ask yourself, is there anything missing from the list? We all have our personal quirks and needs, especially when it comes to packing. Add these items to the list.

Third, do a mental inventory check to find what items you need that you are missing. The goal here is to create your shopping list a week before the trip, so you can do the shopping at a convenient time and at a low cost supply store. Better yet than the mental inventory trick, go to the garage and assemble all the items themselves – yes, start packing a week ahead of time, organizing your materials into boxes, crates and piles that match the list's categories. This is a great way to both find what you're missing, and to jump start the packing.

Fourth, improve the camping list by bringing the checklist with you on the trip, and make notations on what you wished you brought, as well as what you can leave behind next time. Remember, packing light is as important as packing completely.

That's all there is – go find your packing list now, print it out, and enjoy the great outdoors!

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