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There are a number of tips to make use of while trying to purchase cheap plane tickets. This includes measures from making use of last minute air fares to using connecting flights during your journey.

Plane tickets are expensive compared to other forms of transport. However there are secret tips to avail of cheap plane tickets,Guest Posting known to frequent fliers and travel industry insiders.
Here a few of the tips for the purpose of gaining cheap plane tickets.
1. Last minute airfares; A search on the net for last minute plane tickets will show up some impressive results for avid  travelers Whatever be your reason- visiting some one with sudden illness or a sudden office meeting- you can get some really attractive offers for last minute airfares. Most offers appear 13 to 3 days before departure and disappear afterwards, so it pays to keep track of airline offers through their websites
2. Flexible traveler: If you are flexible about when to travel, where to travel and the route taken to travel, you will find some great deals on discount airlines. If you are flexible in all these factors, you will also find great deals for last minute travel. Websites that match discount seats with travelers are widely popular these days.
3. Change airports: If you do not find cheap plane tickets for your geographical area, you should think about changing airports. Maybe there is a smaller airport a couple of hours of drive from your place. You may avail of last minute deals from that airport and may even reach your destination faster if you are creative in your route plan.
4. Travel websites: Use travel websites to gain information on hundreds of charter flights, scheduled flights and low cost flights. You can book their plane tickets only through their secure reservation system Remember to keep track of their special offers and discount airline fares.
5. Bidding for seats: This is another possibility at travel websites. You can bid on the tickets for your particular airline. Some travel sites will take your offers and match it with offers from airlines trying to unload their free seats. However you may or may not get the plane tickets of your choice. Also if the airline accepts your bid, you are bound to pay up, even if you have found a new, cheaper ticket.
6. Student discounts: There are many airlines offering substantial discounts on air travel for students.
7. Discount airlines: Shopping for last minute tickets especially of discount airlines will fetch you steep bargains.
8. Frequent traveler programs: May airlines have packages that reward their frequent travelers. They may offer a credit for each flight that you take on their airline. Finally credits may be redeemed for a free flight ticket or other goodies.
9. Connecting flights: Instead of taking a single direct route you can break your journey into two legs using connecting flights. This will save you a great deal of money especially if the flights are discount airlines.
Thus you can increase your chance of finding a good deal on cheap plane tickets if you are flexible about the flight timings, the airline and the airport from which you fly as well as the number of flights you will take to reach your destination.

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