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Although there are plenty of cheap travel options to travel to Orlando, including cheap airplane tickets, discount hotel rooms and cheap vacation packages, by taking advantage of advice from Disney experts your vacation can be all that more rewarding.

The following are suggestions from Nicholas DeRenzo,Guest Posting a Budget Travel reporter, worth considering:

Instead of trying to follow a rigid park schedule be more impulsive.  Check the weather before you leave your hotel.  If rain is forecast, head to Hollywood Studios where almost all the rides and lines are indoors or sheltered.  Cloudy days are a great time to visit the Animal Kingdom since so many of the animals are more active when the sun is not shining.  Epcot is an ideal park to visit when it is really hot outside since many of its top attractions last over 15 minutes, allowing you more time to enjoy air conditioning.  Sunny days are perfect for the Magic Kingdom.

Instead of paying $14 to park, drive to the parking lots at Disney water parks, miniature golf courses, and the Downtown Disney Entertainment district where parking is free.  From any of these locations Disney shuttle buses will take you wherever you want to go.

Make use of free Fastpasses that are distributed by machines at many popular rides.  These passes specify a time window when the holder can return and skip the line.  They are limited and strictly available on a first come basis.  Ideally, Fastpasses for the most popular rides, such as Space Mountain and Splash Mountain, should be picked up as quickly as possible after the park opens.

Ride on some of the less popular, but every bit as good, rides such as Epcot’s Sum of All Thrills and check out Magic Kingdom’s Tom Sawyer Island.  Waits for the most well known rides can be in excess of one hour whereas rides to the above are usually no more than 15 minutes.

Drink for free at Epcot’s Coca Cola’s sponsored Club Cool which is located in a storefront behind Epcot’s silver geodesic sphere.  Club Cool distributes free samples of eight soft drinks from around the world.

Grab a quick midday snooze at Disney’s Hall of Presidents exhibit.  Comfortable seats, a long running time (23 minutes), and an air conditioned climate make for a dreamy combination.  During summer’s peak, the Magic Kingdom sometimes stays open as late as 2 am, meaning a nap can really come in handy.

If you would like to halve the usual hour plus wait time as many of the most popular rides (including Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster, Test Track, and Expedition Everest) queue up in dedicated singles lines.  While the family won’t ride together, it will enjoy more rides this way.

Don’t assume that all of the best hotel deals are outside the parks.  Depending on your budgets, you may be able to find a $35 room on the congested international drive outside the parks.  However it is worth checking some of the affordable hotel park options including the All-Star and Pop Century resorts where rooms are often priced at $82.  Easy proximity to the parks has real value and these hotels are just minutes from the parks via Disney buses.

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