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A pristine forest with abundant wildlife in Southern Thailand

The Khlong Phanom National park is located just south west of the Surat Thani province which is in Southen thailand and the national park is continuous with the Khao sok National Park to the north. Protecting 410.5 kilometers meters squared of forests with in the Phuket mountain range. It was declared a national park on November 17,Guest Posting 2000.
The high mountain range has a bunch of very steep cliffs with a bunch of limestone mountains through the national park, a bunch streams flow through the mountains and provide a vital water source for the communities surrounding the park.
Generally climate is similar to other areas in southern segment of Thailand as it’s abundant rain all year round because it’s under influence of northeast monsoon and southwest monsoon and also the area is high mountain ranges covered with thick forest. Climate an be divided into two seasons, the rainy season begins from May to December, it hardly rains during August to October, summer begins from January to April with the highest temperature in first or second week of April.
The moist evergreen jungle covered with a bunch of trees is wealthy with flora and has lots of kinds of trees from Hopea, Dysoxylum thyrsoideum, Harpullia cupanioides, Anisoptera costata, Barringtonia fusiformis, Artocarpus lanceifolius, Mangifera indica, Heritiera sumatrana, Lagerstoremia speciosa, Mesua nervosa Planch&Triana, Sonneratia alba, Toona ciliata and lots of more.
The Khao sok national park which is next door is even more diverse than the Amazon Rainforest. So a bunch of jungle activities and tours around to suit everyones needs. There is more and more hotels going up around here and surrounding areas for the ever increasing numbers of tourists who want to see what is so special about these national parks. If you want to experience nature at its finest, these teo places are a need to visit, espeacially when there and eco friendly hotels in the area. 

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