5 Tools in one Platform for Website Creation

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Almost everyone today understands the significance of having a website. All business owners know that an online identity is a key tool for the success of their businesses. Nowadays more and more people have started to look up for products or services on the Internet to cater huge audience for any business. Are you looking to build a professional website, our website builder comprises of five necessary tools that save time on designing a website.

Website builder software

Website builder software is a great tool enabling easy to build and easy to maintain websites and also supports the climb up the search results ladder. It often offers pre-built templates that allow you to create an attractive and user-friendly website. Choose and modify background images,Guest Posting font styles, colors and text sizes to your liking. It allows you to add maps, mailing lists, buttons, forms, videos and other elements on your page. Flexible online website builder software interface that works on Windows laptops and desktops and also with apps on phones and tablets that work on Android and iOS. A single integrated interface helps to build and manage multiple mobile responsive websites, bring a multi-specialist, diverse team to work on the websites together and create websites that are great on design, large on content and efficient in communication and marketing.

Content Management System Software

A fully integrated web content management system goes far beyond content management to manage all of your content in one place. content management system software assists to design and edit blog posts, landing pages, site pages and emails with ease from in-built templates or start from scratch. It is supported by a world-class content delivery network to provide content all across the globe in the fastest way possible. Responsive design makes your content automatically optimized for every device and built-in SSL will secure your website with a safe browsing experience for your visitors and benefit from better search rankings.

Code design software

Code design software is used for building websites without the requirement to write code manually. They usually take the form of visual editing, where you can edit the layout and content directly on the page. It features an intuitive interface with the gallery of pre-built templates and stock images that are free to use. The software offers advantages including easier maintaining and updating, greater consistency in design, more formatting options, lightweight code, faster download times, search engine optimization benefits, ease of presenting different styles to different viewers and greater accessibility.

SEO Management Tool

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is crucial to success online. Strong SEO permits sites to rank for valuable, related search engine queries and bring in traffic for free. It is essential to keep SEO in mind while choosing your website builder. The SEO management tool features title tag, Meta description, canonical tag, alternative text tag, robots Meta tag, header tags, responsive design Meta tag, open graph Meta tags and Twitter cards to boost your website's SEO. It will use SEO friendly URLs for easy to read and therefore preference given by search engines, the extended SEO plugin also permits to control descriptions, keywords and the root title for posts. The SEO management tool is a highly configurable platform that allows customizing the CMS to your site rather than the other way around and offers the ability to create your own templates based on your requirements.

Web Analytics Tool

Trying to know your web visitors can be a bit confusing. Each individual visitor carries his own set of data that has to be collected, measured, analyzed and reported. With the gathered information, you get to know how effective your website is and what changes you required making in order to make it even better. Web analytics tool offers traffic trends to mouse movements that help to get a comprehensive understanding of your online audience and drive business growth. Web analytics software offers real-time conversion analytics, top converting sources, keyword analytics, e-mail performance reports, landing-page analysis, and simple point-and-click configuration. It provides simple to use dashboard and displays all the information you want to see clearly. This great feature assists in e-commerce websites to interact with customers. You also view heat maps from different time periods that help to make effective changes on your page.

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