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Build Your Web Site.And then ... the phrase made famous by the movie, "Field of ... Kevin Costner and James Earl Jones, just because youbuild your web site does not ... mean

Build Your Web Site.

And then what?

Unlike the phrase made famous by the movie,Guest Posting "Field of Dreams",
starring Kevin Costner and James Earl Jones, just because you
build your web site does not necessary mean "they" will come.

Oh sure, the spiders of some Search Engines will find your web
site but that does not guarantee any significant listing or any
sort of major traffic jam.

And also, you can surely count on those spiders belonging to the
email harvesters that will find your web site and then pull every
email you have posted on it so they can SPAM you into frustration.

That is NOT the kind of "they" you want to visit your web site.

BTW, a great way to frustrate those email spiders looking for
email addresses to SPAM is by coding your address with HTML.

Find out how, it is simple and easy, by sending us a blank email to-

Do not let all the negatives dissuade you from building your very
own web site. Because the positives FAR outweigh the negatives.

Whereas email is the BEST form of COMMUNICATION, a web
site is the BEST form of INFORMATION DELIVERY.

And, not only can your web site best inform your customer,
it can also then lead him or her to CLOSE THAT SALE!!!

Afterall, that is what we are all trying to accomplish online.

We want to establish and have our potential customers follow
the natural progression of a business transaction, just as in the
real world, also online in cyberspace.

A web site is excellent for this purpose.

You attract the attention of a potential customer via

However, you fully INFORM the customer on the
who, what, where, how and why of your product
or service, and detail the benefits their lives will experience.

And you CLOSE the SALE when you receive PAYMENT in
exchange for the transfer of your goods or services.

But you must build your web site first.

For those of you that have never built a web page, this
might seem like a Herculean task, but it is not as difficult
as you might suppose.

You must utilize HTML coding in order to display a web page.
Here is a little trick that you can use to make the process
simple even if you know nothing about HTML code:

Go to one of several excellent FREE Web Space Hosts and
set up a FREE account and then use their FREE web page
builder to establish your first web page.

Here is a FREE list of FREE Web Space Hosts via auto-responder:

Another little trick to keep in mind when learning about web page
building is to click on your browser menu, for Microsoft Internet
Explorer you will find it under, "View", scroll down to "Source"
and click.

This will open up a file with the HTML code used to display
whatever web page you are viewing at that moment.

It is a good learning tool so use it often.

Whether you are a complete newbie or a veteran of the Internet,
it is totally essential for you to establish a web site in order to
do serious business online.

Because "they" can NOT come if you do not build it first.

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