How to Choose the Right Platform for Mobile App Development

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Choosing a mobile application development platform is a critical part of the whole development process. When you start planning, you will also have to figure out if you should focus on a native application or cross-platform solutions.So what should businesses consider when evaluating application development tools and a platform for their mobile application?

Making a successful mobile application is difficult. One of the first choices you need to make is which mobile operating system to go for. To be successful,Guest Posting you want your app to fit the operating system like a glove.

In this article, we discuss the current mobile platform market. First, we’ll talk about iOS and Android.

iOS vs. Android: The market of two

Years ago, there were a variety of mobile operating systems on the market: Microsoft, Symbian, RIM, Android, iOS, plus several smaller ones. It seemed that the market would never stop expanding.

Today, there are only two major mobile operating systems left: iOS and Android. iOS has kept a more or less stable market share over the last ten years. But Android skyrocketed in 2009, outgrew iOS, and reached a similar sales volume to it in 2013.

Together, iOS and Android now represent a staggering 99% of mobile operating system market share.

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