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When building a web site, several steps must be taken to develop the site. Planning also is important before developing the site. Here are some ideas of how to build a new site and the necessary steps that you must follow.

First you should identify what the site is about. For example,Guest Posting it talks about computers, travel, cars…etc. Determining the subject of the site from the beginning is considered a good planning because it helps you to identify the theme of the site and the template.
Once you identified the subject, you must then choose the template of the site. The template is a predefined page that will hold the content of the site. This template page is the same for the overall pages in the site. The template can be designed by the designer of the site but it can be difficult for beginners, so choosing a predefined template will be easier. There are many sites that offer free templates and others that sell it.
Templates must be chosen carefully such that they match the subject of the site. For example, if the site is talking about computers, the images on the template must impress the visitor that the site is about computer. This can be done by selecting images related to computer. Also if the site is about cars, images must be related to cars.
Once the template is chosen, the categories of the site need to be planned. Each site can have many departments and each one has links to it within the site and from every page. This step is important for the search engine to be able to crawl the entire site. Always make the categories easy to be accessed from each other so that the site will be simple in navigation. This will be good also for the user if the other pages can be reached easily.
After planning how the entire pages are related to each other, you can design the pages for each category so that it will be ready to put content in it. Each category may have a theme different from the other categories. For example, many sites may have the LOG IN page which may contains links and images different from the home page. Also if the site has a department for computer and another for cars, each one can have different objects such as images and links.
Once all the template pages are designed, it will be ready for content. The content that will be put on the site must be quality content and unique for the search engine to love. Also it must be added regularly. If the owner cannot write enough content, he can download it from free articles directories which offer this service. Examples of such directories are articlesbase.com, articleally.com, and articlecity.com

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