Is Justhost Web Hosting Any Good?

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With the great number of web hosting companies present today, choosing the best hosting services may not be very natural at all.

Aside from the fact that these companies tend to blend together already,Guest Posting it is really difficult to conclude if a web host is good or not if you have not tried their services beforehand. On the other hand, the similarities in the features of hosting companies might be a good thing after all; any substantial distinctions become soaringlighted and as such, you can easily catch a fair sense of industry standards and practices.

Among the most popular web hosts is JustHost. In just two years, this company grew to a well known brand from nothing. This is actually a phenomenal growth since it is not pretty normal for any company to grow this fast in a matter of two years. Ever since JustHost started its services; it has been topping almost every hosting review sites along with other popular hosting companies as well. However, despite these facts, people are still not easily convinced nowadays into believing what the reviews say. As such, if you have never subscribed to JustHost before, you will truly wonder if it is really a good hosting company or not. The ball is actually in your hands, and the decision still lies entirely on you.

According to reviews, JustHost offers Anytime Money-Back Guarantee. This feature is a very strong selling point for JustHost. After all, any company that is offering money-back guarantee must be pretty confident with the services that they are offering; and an anytime guarantee at that. You can certainly claim a full or pro-rata refund when you cancel your account anytime you want during the subscription period. Now, this is something that should be considered in choosing a web host.

Moreover, JustHost offers 99.9% uptime guarantee. If JustHost fails to provide this promised uptime guarantee, they will credit your account with a month's hosting costs. actually, this is a good bargain that you do not usually catch from most hosting companies.

In addition, JustHost also offers unlimited hosting at affordable price. With just $4.95 per month for 24 months subscription, you will be able to enjoy unlimited hosting. Accordingly, if you subscribe to 36 months, you catch to pay only $3.95 per month. Now, this is certainly a price to beat.

On the other hand, JustHost only offers Linux hosting plans. Thus, if you want Windows hosting, you certainly won't catch it with JustHost. Perhaps this is the main drawback of this company. As far as features and reliability are concerned, JustHost keeps up o their promises.

Thus, if you want to know if JustHost web hosting is really a good, you'll have to weigh things out and take the factors that are most important to you in choosing a web hosting company.

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