How to Reduce Bounce Traffic Rate

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A lot of people are worried about their site's bounce traffic. Bounce traffic might be good or bad depending on visitor's activity in your site.

Bounce traffic might be good or bad depending on the visitor's activity in your site. But in most cases,Guest Posting bounce traffic is always bad. You really don't want to see your visitors leaving your page without clicking any of your internet links.

There are several factors affecting bounce traffic but following this simple guide will definitely cut your bounce traffic down and convert your visitors to subscribers.

First and foremost, make sure that your website is viewable without any problem within all major browsers (Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera, Netscape) You wouldn't want your visitors leaving your site without viewing it because the page is broken.

Theme and Design. Biggest factor than can contribute bounce traffic is the design. Non technical people don't want crappy designs regardless of your content. Make sure your design is appealing with supporting graphics. Too many images and graphics can drive visitors away too.

Site loading speed. Make sure your site is hosted in fast server. A site that loads more than 7 seconds is considered slow.

Overall site layout and links. Always include hyperlinks on some important details so that your visitor can follow that link while reading the main article. make sure your navigation links and other relates links are highly visible from the main page or the main article. Many visitors left without clicking another link to another page because they cannot find them. Provide site map on the navigation links.

About page. Another way to keep visitors on your site is to put your picture with some personal information about you, as the owner of the site. Putting this makes your site more reliable and professional.

Content is still the king. Turn visitors into subscribers by providing super excellent and informative content.

There are still a lot of ways on how to keep our visitors staying at our site and avoiding bad bounce traffic. Keeping visitor on our site is a good indicator that our online career is moving towards progress.

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