An Ideal Bridal Eye Makeup Routine for the Blushing Bride

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Most brides research a numbers of routines before they find a makeup schedule that will best highlight their twinkling eyes for their nuptials. Rather than trusting the stylists at the parlor, you may want to look up a nice tutorial such as this and apply your wedding makeup yourself.

Bridal eye makeup tips an help you make your partner fall in love with your hypnotising eyes on your special day.

This gives you the opportunity to try it out a few times before your nuptials so that you’re sure to be satisfied with the look for your wedding day.

Pre-Application Preparation

  • Head off to the parlor a day prior to your big event and have your eyebrows shaped. You must avoid threading on the day of the ceremony for they may be skin irritation and a slight rash that you want to circumvent.
  • Indulge in eight or nine hours of sound slumber despite your excitement to ensure that you are well rested. It is the best way to dodge ugly dark-circles or gaunt pits on the important day.

What you Will Need

Trust only the finest products for your bridal eye makeup,Guest Posting as you want to avoid skin breakouts or inflammation stemming from the application of poor quality products.

  • You will need a water-proof liquid liner or a dark kajal applicator
  • A box of wet-wipes and a moisturizer to fortify and clear your skin
  • A shade of foundation closely matching your skin undertone
  • A good quality Concealer for last minute pimples or dark circles
  • Strong Mascara for luscious long lashes. You can also pick out false lashes
  • Eye-shadow matching your jewelry. Alternatively bronze or silvery tones for a bit or sparkle
  • Application brushes for the eye-shadow and foundation

The Application Routine

  • Begin by using the wet wipes and moisturizer all over your face to clean and soften the area.
  • Next, you can smear the matching foundation all over your face coating it smoothly before you move on to using the concealer to hide any last minute acne or breakouts.
  • The eye-shadow application comes next and you can opt for a golden metallic base to bring out the color of your bridal wear. Apply the color over your eyelid evenly moving slowly from the inner part to the outer edge.
  • The kajal or water-proof liner must be then used in a light application. You can choose the winged look if you want to try something new and extend the liner application past the corner of your lids. Flick it sharply upwards and then draw a second line from the corner of your lash-line to meet the first creating a winged look.
  • If you desire long lashes, Mascara will suffice and you must apply it from the beginning of the lashes to their tips evenly. Make sure you apply it gently so as to not ruin the kajal application. Alternatively you can glue on false lashes if you want a pretty and exaggerated lash length to complete your routine.

These unique bridal eye makeup tips will make certain that your makeup stands out from all the other ladies present, making you look stunning all throughout your nuptials.


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