Gucci Debra High Hell Platform Sandals

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High heels are the tools for woman to accentuate her image and style. From cute to sexy, trendy to elegant, fresh to sophisticated, classical to wild, most women admit the high heels will gives them a little bit of flair and edge that they really enjoy. Therefore, when the new Gucci Cruise collection was come up with, I can’t help recommending several pairs of shoes which I love. Debra High Hell platform sandals are one of my favorites.

The sandals are designed in two colors,Guest Posting elegant grey and feminine blue. Coming in grey stain and blue python, both of them are presenting stylish design and delicate craftsmanship of Gucci houses. The nickel hardware harmoniously matches the satin and python to complete their exquisite appearance. Ankle strap features iconic horsebit ring buckle. And the most distinctive design of Debra is the bamboo detail on heel. Compared with the monochrome heel style, the transparent bamboo detail adds a touch of freshness and refinement to the totality. Leather sole ensures it very durable. Thanks to the 4.1" heel, it will make legs slim, giving a feminine, sexy and dynamic look. And the grey sandals is priced at $640 while the blue ones is at $990.

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