Types of Brushes & Their Purposes For Everyday Use

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Styling Brush: A styling brush is known for having a curved shape and bristles on only one side; it has a cushion backing and no vents. A styling brush helps to create volume at the roots and is great for hairstyles such as a bob or mid length hair styles. Hair types that allow a fast blow dry will really benefit from this simple all around brush. 

Paddle Brush: The paddle brush is very similar to the styling brush but differs in the size and the flat shape. It is a large brush with bristles on one side which allows it to be used on longer and thicker hair but it doesn't add volume.
Cushion Brush: This brush is best for medium-length hair that is naturally straight. Being very similar to the paddle brush the flat back of the brush reinforces the hair's sleekness.. 
Vent Brush: The vent brush is a brush that only has bristles on one side,Guest Posting what differs is it has vents which allow the air to flow through. It is used to create volume at the roots while adding direction and movement. This brush is not intended for hair that has fly away's or prone to static due to the fact that this brush doesn't help to smooth or aid in styling.
Round Brush: A round brush is "round" in shape and is perfect for styling almost any type of hair or style. The differences are the barrel size ( small, medium, large or jumbo) and the bristle placement. With a round brush you can achieve lift, volume, curl or smoothness. When used with the heat of a blow dryer the smaller round brushes act like rollers to create curl and movement. The larger round brushes smooth tresses and add body. The length of your hair and the desired finished look determine which size brush to use. 
Here is a few round brush tips:
Do you have short hair and want to create volume? If so then I would recommend you purchase a more open bristle round brush such as Crickets #350 or #370. 
For shorter hair that you would like lift and curl consider Crickets #300, #310 or #330.
If you have long hair and want lift and a little curl then I would tell you to consider crickets #390. 
For long hair that you want curly use a smaller barrel such as Crickets #330, #350 or #370

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