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Article Marketing is a good FREE strategy for generating targeted traffic for your web site and your network marketing business.
The more articles you write, the more targeted traffic you will receive and the more leads you will generate.

Targeted traffic is created in 2 ways. First,Guest Posting it comes from organic search engine results for your sites. Second, it comes from "good" backlinks to your site from high traffic sites on the web, like web sites publishing your articles.
So I think that there are some rules to follow to use the power of article marketing in the best way.

First: Articles should be well written, because this is in many cases your first impression on a prospect. Write in your own style and people will like it.
Provide genuine useful information and generate curiosity, keeping your reader's attention, and have them wanting more.
Headlines are the most important aspect of your article... Try to get someone's attention upfront generating curiosity, using questions and numbers.

Second: Submit your article to all web sites that accept your articles, first on those starring high up in the search engine ranks. In fact, like I said above, what you publish on these web sites will be found also by the major search engines like google.

Third: Be consistent in your job. If you are going to make Article Marketing a primary component of your marketing, you should write at least 4-5 articles per month. But obviously the more you write, the more results you will achieve.

Doing all these actions takes a lot of time but you can be helped in this work by using softwares that allow you to create and submit a lot of articles.

The first provide you to create up to and 1000 articles from just ONE main seed article in UNDER 30 seconds.
The second help you to submit your article to 10 o 20 web sites with just one click.
With these important tools you can focus your time on the things that make you the most money so you can make more of it!
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