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You must know who your audience is and target them like a laser. Know what their problems are......and deliver a clear,Guest Posting concise solution to that segment of the population. Don’t have your solution suitable for accountants and mortgage bankers!" Fool me once...... shame on you. Fool me once.... shame on me!" Prospects will NOT give you a second chance if your offer doesn’t live up to your headline’s promise. Your Language Must Be Understood By Your Audience! If you must go to use some jargon that is suitable for your targeted audience. But even if you’re writing to rocket scientists....your language MUST be understood by a sixth grader. Make Sure You Copy Is Powerful, Passionate, and Keeps The Interest Of Your Reader! I paraphrase from the late, great, David Ogilvy: "Tell your audience the truth; but do it in an interesting way." Never bore your reader. If they lose! Will Your Reader Believe What You’re Telling Them about Your Product or Service? Speak to your prospect in a one-on-one conversational tone. Have plenty of proof and testimonials.

Think of EVERY possible objection they have and overcome them. Have You Done Everything You Can To Persuade Your Reader Up To The Call To Action? Brainstorm with your marketing and re-read your copy. Deliver as many benefits as you can to your prospects, so they know what's in it for them...and that they have no choice but to take action now! Be Specific With Your Reasoning in Your Copy. I’ll say it again. Specificity sells. What’s more believable? I earned $20,000 last year? Or, I made $19,243.48? If you have a solution to your prospect’s him or her WHY your product or service will do it and give specific examples. Our new weight loss program will help you lose up to 20 pounds in 7 weeks because.....Have You Made Your Sales Offer As Concise As Possible? As Fred Glees says, "A confused mind takes NO action." Make sure your prospect knows EXACTLY what they’ll receive when they do business with you. If you must, do a recap to reinforce this information to them.

Be Sure That Your Copy Flows Like Water over Rocks. The quickest way to lose your prospect is to have disjointed, clunky, hard-to-read-and-understand copy. Read your copy aloud. If you get to an end of a sentence and you’ve run out of’s time to shorten and tweak it for clarity, or simply visit Use A Strong Voice In Your Copy. Don’t make your copy "sound generic" as if your prospect has read this somewhere else before. A way to battle that is to have a "strong voice" through out it. If the copy is from you, then your reader should have a strong idea of who you are and what you represent after reading it. Folks that have read my book say to me, "God, this is so you....I can hear your voice while reading it." Get to the point where your copy jumps off the page and into the hearts and minds of your readers.

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