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Sunday, December 5, 2021
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How to use Ezines to make sales

My favorite online ... medium is Ezines.I use ezines before I use other pay for ... The reason is simple, you can place a SOLO ezine ad for as low as $10.00 dollars and ...

My favorite online advertising medium is Ezines.
I use ezines before I use other pay for advertising. The reason is simple, you can place a SOLO ezine ad for as low as $10.00 dollars and generate-with a well written ad-a couple of hundred dollars in sales.
Start off using small ads, and with success expand the ad or use a solo ad. Say your first ezine ad costs you $25 dollars take that money and put it back in to a Solo ad, the solo ad brings in $50 dollars in sales now use some of that profit and put it back into advertising.
Keep advertising and growing you business this way. Plus, your growing a list of customers. Start small and as you have success with a particular ad expand.
Ways to Advertise to Ezines
The easiest way to advertise to ezines is to send them to your web site in your ad. You will get some results, but not as many using another strategy.
This strategy entails using an autoresponder address for prospects to click and get more information. This way you know have a prospect receiving a SERIES of messages from you on your opportunity, not just one view of your web site. This will maximize your chance at making sales.
Email follow up could make an incredible difference in your sales. You may convert 2% of your visitors into sales, with email follow up you could convert double that-or 4-5%.
And, if they don't decide to buy this product you still have them as a prospect in your autoresponder system for another shot later. With a web site visit they see your web site once and then are gone.
This is automation at it's best, take advantage of this simple advertising method in ezines and watch your sales soar.
Types Of Ezine Ads
Classified Ad's are usually at the bottom of the ezine and are not very effective. They are cheap and offer some sort of test of the ezine you are advertising to. I wouldn't read to much into the quality of the ezine by a response from a bottom ad however. Classified ad s are usually 5 to 6 lines long and offer a reasonable method to advertise your product.
Top sponsor ads can be a great deal more effective. Depending on your headline and ad copy of course. The top sponsor ad is usually at the top, obviously, right after the ezines publisher info and before the first article. Top sponsor ads are also 5-6 lines but offer much more exposure. The cost is higher as expected, but worth it in most ezines.
Solo ads are the ultimate in Ezine advertising. There is nothing else to clutter up your ad copy. Your ad appears alone and on it's own. Just make sure your ad copy is dead on or your wasting your money. Nobody will sit and read droll..boring ad copy, even if it is a Solo ad. The cost for Solo ads is usually double the cost of a Top ad, but can easily make up for it with double or triple the sales ratio. You Solo ad, in some ezines, can be of unlimited length. I have found that shorter is usually better. That's not to say you don't want to get across your strong points in your ad copy, most certainly do so, just don't go on and on and on about your product or opportunity.
I personally use top sponsor ad's and solo ad exclusively. 
Writing Powerful Ezine Ads
Learn to write good ads. Practice using words and phrases that convey power, curiosity and emotion. Your small ad's purpose is to get hundreds of clicks and be noticed.
1. Grab the prospects attention
Use emotional attention grabbers in your first 3 words. Words such as "Free" and "Now" can work with the right combination of words. Here are some other attention grabbing words to use:
How To
Grab their attention right of the bat and you have succeeded in the first step.
2. Make A Promise
Tell prospects why they should use your product. Why is it better, what makes it stand out, why would they want it..etc.
Try to make the second line have some emotional pop in it. Explain benefits, list reasons for wanting your product. Don't just say things like "Earn thousands daily" nobody will believe you. Try "How to Earn $1000.00 in a month" this may make prospects wonder if you actually did it.
Stress what your product does. Be explicit in the major benefits if you want to make a big difference in your sales.
Once you have a solid promise for your ad, it's time to make them take action now.
3. Make Readers Take Action
You have the readers attention now lets have them take action.
RememberComputer Technology Articles, we want them to reply to your autoresponder. Here is a simple and effective statement to get them to do so:
For more information fast and free:
Keep it simple and short at this point.

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