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Tuesday, August 3, 2021
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Low Budget Advertising -Top 10 List:

Free Classifieds - Free classified ads can be found by simply entering the term into any major search engine. Most classifieds will allow an ad to be placed with a link back to a website or affiliate url. The ad must be updated regularly as most free advertisements are for very short periods of time, from 24 hours up to a week or more. If you desire longer ads, a fee will be charged for the longer exposure.

Yahoo and MSN Groups - Yahoo and MSN Groups are two of the most high quality FFA (Free For All) formatted Usenet groups. Millions of people form categorized groups, through the use of PHP.bulletin boards, to interact with each other in real time. The groups have email mechanisms that send a single email to every member of the group with the click of the send button. What is unique about these boards is the ability of the creator of a group to collect important data that can be used to create a list of targeted prospects. The main power of using these two groups is in the actual creation and maintenance of a group, not so much as posting messages to a group.
FFA groups - These groups are the same type of groups as Yahoo and MSN groups, but are owned by individual people or small companies. While these groups are free to register to and initially free to post an email advertisement to, a person also becomes a prospect for that FFA Groups owner. If you want complete freedom to post to these sites, most charge a nominal fee to give the ability to post messages everyday. It appears to be normal for these sites to bill monthly to keep continued service; there are some instances where a newer FFA website will charge a one-time yearly fee for posting everyday. And, once again, the power of each group is in the data contained in the list of membership because the larger membership gives a higher probability of members becoming paying customers for product or services posted.
Links Manager - Linking with other complimentary (same subject but different topic) websites is a good idea when trying to influence a website?s search engine ranking, which determines the amount of website visitors that have the option of clicking a web-link in a search report or query. Influencing one-way links into a website is difficult to accomplish, so obtaining reciprocal (to and from) links with multiple complimentary websites is an objective of every successful website. The time it takes to manually process rep. links is enormous and generally very consuming; therefore, a links manager website or program is the way to successfully attain the objective of what is called link popularity.
Search Engine submission Websites - A website needs to be included in major search engine listings because a higher ranking could lead to an increase in visitor traffic. Once again, submitting a website manually to search engines is very time consuming. Therefore, a submission website or program will save time needed for other types of marketing a website needs to accomplish for success. First the website needs optimization in key areas and then be sent in for submission. Many SEO (search engine optimization) sites will submit your site for free, but the charges come in the optimization of your website. Also, some fees are included for rapid inclusion or higher exposure. A website can find many free multiple submit sites that send to major search engines, but inclusion in mid-level search websites and portals is a second level issue for search engine ranking that is also an important and vital step of a successful website
Article and eZine Websites - To get free publicity and credibility, submission of trade articles or summaries to ezines (online magazine), newsletters, and online article directories is important and can draw highly targeted traffic to a website. Finding the ability to write articles with authority is a skill that must be used to draw quality website visitors. Writing with authority will give credibility to advertisement and ad copy by supplying an important point-of-view for customers to judge against. The more written and posted articles, summaries, reports, ezines, or newsletters, the higher the chance for exposure of the advertising message to others in the same frame of mind. It is in this frame of mind when an advertisement wishes to influence a call to action; get the prospect to buy.
Banner Swaps - Switching advertising banners with complimentary websites is a normal and suggested objective of a successful website. The placement or location on a website of the banner advertisement is the key factor in how to maximize banner swapping websites or programs. Some banner swaps are dependent on the number of exposures a website can get visitors to click on; thus, for every exposure there is a banner exposure on the partner website. It is suggested to utilize the banner swaps or exchanges that are regulated by banner exposure rather than visitor?s clicks because you want equal trade for Advertising Avenue.
Local Flier - Localized, off-line advertising is a critical component of a successful website. One of the most economical and easiest techniques for localized advertising is the flier, a letter-sized advertisement. The numerous ways to distribute fliers is as numerous as the number of styles of printing that can be chosen. Cost-per-ad can be easily tracked by noting the number created, number of ads referenced, and the increase in activity from the fliers. Using fliers is an important low-maintenance advertising activity.
Web logs - Web logs or Blogs can be an intimate way to deliver some free advertisements. Associating with web logs are close to the same category as FFA or Group, however, the Blogs are a more journalistic type of website. Many blog owners post updates and news about important or relevant events and users can comment or come with new ideas to correspond about. A good way to enacts Blogs is to join a blog community and post a message in journal fashion, everyday. Within the messages, periodically weave advertisement to member blog users. Most Blogs seem to be a major attempt to have meaningful correspondences without advertising interruptions. But this objection can be overcome if the advertisement truly fulfills the need for some issue that arises or comes forth.
Free Websites - Using a free websites will get continuous advertisements from the supplying web host on every page. But, as with these marketing techniques, a free website is used as an advertising training ground for new webmasters wanting to learn the process of creating and maintaining a website and the ads can be a lesson to as to what is currently the trend in advertising styles. Free websites can also be used as off-site advertising for a main websiteFree Reprint Articles, and a place to focus traffic from one area of the Internet to another area. Creating a mirror-website of another website can used to broaden the reach of an Internet company's web presence. It is like being in two places at once.

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