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Sunday, April 11, 2021
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Balancing Act

There is no magic to having success.  Anyone who says otherwise is delusional.  Very few of us will ever win the lottery or be the heir to some huge inheritance so consistent hard work is what we have...

There is no magic to having success.  Anyone who says otherwise is delusional.  Very few of us will ever win the lottery or be the heir to some huge inheritance so consistent hard work is what we have to commit to in order to achieve long lasting success. 
Strategizing, being organized, disciplined, and dedicated are the only things you have control over.  Developing yourself will make you tough. Just ask any great sports athlete. They will tell you it wasn't just the physical training that made them great at what they do. It was a lot of mental toughness, will power.  The mind is an incredible thing and when its power is harnessed, its real potential can be unlocked to yield incredible results.
Not everybody has the same talents, abilities, or inclination. Everybody, however, has something they can do without even trying. What does this have to do with being very successful? Everything.

What are you truly great at, and what makes you happy? Greatness comes from self-knowing. Most people are misled to think that if they can do something effortlessly, then it is worthless. On the contrary, because not everybody can do it, and you can, it is worth a tremendous amount.  It can potentially offer you rewards for many years to come if it is used properly. Look within yourself and see what you have to offer that others don't, or can't with such ease and quality.
Success is in the mind and is the most important muscle that needs to be exercised.

1. Be optimistic.  A positive attitude in life can do wonders for your personality and how it affects the people around you.  A good vibe is infectious and will attract people to you because they will want to feel the same way.  You can only make a good first impression once so leave a lasting one.  

2. Be resilient. You can only fail if you quit, so never quit unless you have exhausted absolutely every avenue to be successful.  Even then you should do your best to keep going.  If you need a break, fine, take one, but use that time off to regroup and refocus for a new round of attacks.  It doesn't matter how many times you get knocked out.  At least you know you're still in the fight this way!

3. Keep the faith. Believe in yourself. If you don't why would anyone else? You are the master of your destiny.  As long as you have a dream and are doing everything in your power to make it a reality, the dream is alive and well.

4. Stay focused. Don't get distracted with minor details.  It's all about the big picture.  Concentrate on your ultimate goal and all the major steps needed to achieve it.  There will always be hiccups along the way.  C'est la vie.
5. Master your emotions. Never let your emotions overwhelm you and steer you off course.  Harness the power of your emotions, both good and bad (because you will experience both) to drive you forward and upward towards success.

6. It's all about today. Train your mind to stay in the present while performing your tasks that will yield results tomorrow. Know where you're going, but don't be in too much of a rush to get there.  Let things develop at their own pace.  As long as you are steadily marching toward your goal all is well.  Don't let concerns about the future and mistakes of the past ruin where you are right now.

7. Assess and visualize. Take the time to see the outcome of your goals in every detail. The more you can evaluate what you have done and actually see how your efforts are baring fruit, the faster you will see progress.  Success breeds more success and you can build exponentially once this snowball effect starts happening.

Having real success is about self-knowledge. The more you know yourselfFree Web Content, the better your chances will be of obtaining long lasting results. 

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