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Wednesday, September 23, 2020
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How 3D Does Works in a 3D TV?

In real life our brain creates a sense of depth and gives depth perception and a real life image.3D images with the aid of a 3D glass fools the brain into thinking that it sees a real image when in fact it does not.

3D TV projects left and right pictures simultaneously into the same screen and the 3D glasses that you wear filters the correct image to each eye creating a sense of depth of a real image.

How does a 3D movie filmed? So a 3D moving picture begins by recording the way that both of our eyes see and that is from two different perspectives. To take the left and right images of the chosen scene or object a two HD (high definition) camera in a special camera apparatus are used. What the camera operator sees is what you see as well. Every image is recorded in sequence both left and right image.

Two different 3D TV technologies are used to view a 3D moving image and these are polarized screens and active shutter glasses. In a polarized screen it displays both the left and the right image into the screen at the same time. What polarizes the left and the right pictures differently are special filters on the glass. Different lenses are used with both eyes to filter the correct image to each eyes and the brain do the rest. The active shutter glasses on the other hand switch between one eye and then the other in sync with the TV altering the left and right images on the screen at a very high rate which is 50 frames per eye per second. This is really fast that the brain sees no gap seeing two different views from the left and right eye and merges them into one depth image.

Before colored glasses called anaglyph are used to watch 3D movies. But the colors are now removed because it can cause headaches. Using the anaglyph suffers from loose of color because filtering out the left and right pictures strip out colors from the original pictures. Now digital 3D delivers a far most superior movie experience. Anaglyph glass comes in red, green and blue colors.

There are two types of 3D glass the active 3D glass and the Passive 3D glass. The active glass contains LCD lenses and this alternately black out each eye depending whether the right or left picture is being displayed. They are active because they require batteries to operate the LCD lenses. The shutter is fast enough that you canít feel and see that it shutters. Passive glasses used polarization to separate the left and right image. They are called passive because batteries are not required for them to work.

3D TV is needed to be able to experience a 3D movie in your home entertainment. 3D glasses wonít work on a normal 2D movie. A lot of 3D HDTV is out in the market that is manufactured by brands such as Samsung, Panasonic, SonyBusiness Management Articles, LG and many more.

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