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Friday, August 14, 2020
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How Co-working help start-ups grow?

As one embarks on a new venture and tries to commercialise the business slowly and steadily. Often, you would see that many of these new ventures which are composed out of great ideas don’t really work, as many of these start-ups are run by a single man or woman who is the one controlling all functions in the organisation.

The secret of success or the magic potion that enables any organisation to reach great heights is a great team whose dedication and hard work has been a pillar of success for the venture. Now let us look into how working together as a team helps in the strengthening and growth of a start-up. In simple words, let us understand how the concept of co-working can actually transform the start-up and allow it to reach heights:

  1. Provides support

Well, the creation of a co-working space ensures that you have the support behind you and a driving force is always ready to guide you. Well, a start-up has just ventured into the market. Any start-up is bound to be bogged down by certain events that might take place over a course of time which might leave a deep dent on the organisation. Now, with the creation of a proper co-working space, you have the support of your colleagues all the time at various points of time whenever a situation of jeopardy is about to arise.

  1. Ensuring effectiveness

With teamwork and coordination comes in effective management. There is a greater sense of efficiency and tasks get completed in a more effective manner based on a defined structure than ever before. There is proper co-ordination which takes places across the various organs of the team to give the desired output in the stipulated period of time.

  1. Being with like-minded people allows one to get a deeper insight

Well, running a start-up on your own would be a tiring job. Well, you need a team of like-minded people with whom you can rub your shoulders with. These people are those who share the same passion and have a vision towards actually making a difference in real terms. Being with a team who share the same passion, allows one to take steps towards fulfilling the objectives of the organisation. With like-minded people around it is instrumental in boosting our morale and allows one to learn a lot at each of the developmental stages of the start-up and also keeps you prepared for the aftermath in the long run.

  1. Allows people to get inspired

A workforce laid down on the principles of co-working has played an important role in inspiring the employees out there who sweat it out to make a difference. In a team, where everyone is given an equal opportunity and where there is no tussle which is taking place among the members. Often many of the team members get inspired from each other and they tend to put in that extra effort towards the work that is being done which makes a significant difference to the overall output. Each team works on the fundamental principle of equal efforts, but any workforce needs a talismanic leader or a force that would inspire the team and guide them closely to the goals they want to achieve in the time to come.


  1. Generating trust amongst the employees

Trust is that belief that binds any organisation. While in this competitive world, trust is hard to come by, but trust is that perfect adhesive that allows one to work without any fear which might surround those involved with the organisation. Well, co-working is the beginning of creating that mutual bond of trust and understanding which allows one to understand the intricacies associated with the team. Creation of independent co-working spaces that would give the employees their own space and the time to interact with colleagues would go a long way towards creating a positive outlook. It also plays an important role in strengthening the roots of any organisation.

  1. Offers greater flexibility

With a proper team structure in place, it offers one the freedom to be flexible in doing the tasks at hand. Co-working offers flexibility; there would always be someone in the organisation that could do the work in your place. It also provides a degree of freedom and keeps the employees happy and rearing to go. The responsibility is delegated amongst the employees; each employee knows the role that they have to be play. Often in a start-up since it’s a small team you would observe that there are roles that are interchangeable which offers flexibility and can also go a long way in developing the skill-set of the employees that adds a new dimension to the workplace and gives the workforce a much-required thrust towards reaching the goals associated with the organisation.

  1. Developing community relations

Co-working help the start-ups to engage with the community and allows the organisation to understand the aspects of various communities associated with the commercial venture that is just taking baby steps in this vast world of business. An understanding of the community allows one to take decisions that would allow the organisation to engage with the community and also keep them happy.

  1. Adding Diversity

India is defined by “Unity in Diversity”, well why not take it to our workplaces too. A co-working environment enables the people involved to engage with workers who come from various parts of the country. It adds a touch of Diversity to your organisation and it projects out a positive outlook of the organisation in the public sphere. Diversity brings in an array of ideas and values, which helps the organisation in redefining the set of values and also allows the organisation to look into various aspects associated with itArticle Submission, which might otherwise go unnoticed.

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