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Monday, May 20, 2019
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How To Get Relief From Back Pain During Pregnancy?

In this article you will learn about the back pain during Pregnancy, its types, causes and simple Tips to avoid back pain during pregnancy.


Pregnancy is one of the most life changing event in any women’s life. As the pregnancy progresses, low back pain is one of the most commonly reported complaint by expecting mothers. The rate of prevalence of back pain during pregnancy is around 50-70%. These pains can range from mild ache related to specific activity to acute severe back pain that can eventually become chronic. Many at times the women is “expected” to have back pain. Some of the reasons behind this are as follows:

  1. Hormones: Pregnancy related hormones cause the ligaments to soften and joints to become loose. This is to accommodate the growing fetus and subsequent labor.
  2. Weight gain: The back needs to support your pregnant belly which puts additional stresses on the joint
  3. Postural changes: There is increase in lumbar lordosis, tendency to go into sway. Additionally with the breasts getting bigger, the pregnant mommie-to-be can go into a slouch posture. All these changes can contribute to back pain.

Studies have also shown that in females with history of back pain prior to getting pregnant, back pain can start earlier in the pregnancy.

Types of back pain experienced in pregnancy :(excluding labour pains)

  1. Low back pain (Lumbar area):

                This is localized low back pain located around the waist area at the centre of the back. It may or may not also refer pain down the leg.(Also called Sciatica). It is usually with prolonged postures(sitting, standing, lifting, repeated movements). There may be tenderness around lower back muscles.

  1. Posterior pelvic pain:

                This condition is 4 times more common than low back pain. The expected mother usually experiences a deep pain below and to the sides of the waist as well as across the tailbone area. In severe cases, it may extend to both buttocks and upper part of the thigh. But it is usually never radiates below the knees. There may or may not be associated pubic bone pain. This pain maybe aggravated by:

  1. Rolling in bed
  2. Rising from seated position (getting out of car/tub/commode/bed)
  3. Walking
  4. Running
  5. Staircase climbing
  6. Forward bending
  7. Twisting
  8. Lifting

Tips to avoid back pain:

  1. Maintain good posture at all times.
  2. Do the exercises as approved by your doctor.
  3. Squat to pick things
  4. Wear comfortable footwear
  5. Consider using a support belt after discussing with your medical provider.

In Spite of back pain being a very common problem issue during pregnancyFree Web Content, it should definitely not be accepted as a part of pregnancy. It may helpful to seek best back pain treatment Bangalore for the same at the earliest and the guidelines need to be followed throughout the rest of the pregnancy and even post delivery while nursing and taking care of the newborn.

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Shanewastson is the heath care advisor at QiSpine Clinic Delhi. QiSpine clinic is the India’s No. 1 spine specialist in India treating back pain patients successfully in Delhi, Mumbai and Pune.

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