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Saturday, January 22, 2022
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Inherent Powers

Every human being has inherent psychic powers, but the way they manifest them is so natural that they are usually taken for granted today.

Every human being has inherent psychic powers, but the way they manifest them is so natural that they are usually taken for granted. These include simple things like when a person has a gut feeling that something bad is about to happen. Another example is being able to tell who is calling on the phone without looking. These seem like natural enough things but they are actually psychic powers. Therefore, everyone has an inherent power waiting to be discovered. However, there are some with more pronounced powers than others.

There are ways of discovering these powers and making them stronger.

Correctly identify them

The first step is to correctly identify them. There are a range of them and include seeing into the future through visions and dreams, reading people’s minds and even moving objects with their minds. Each person has a unique ability with some even having several of them.


The next step is acceptance. Some people especially children, are afraid of acknowledging their gifts for fear of being called ‘freaks’ by their peers. This fear causes many of them to deny their abilities and do everything in their power to cover it up. People need to appreciate the fact that there are no powers that are better or more powerful than others. They are all equally important. For kidsArticle Submission, counseling may be necessary to help in the acceptance process. The level of development is the determining factor of how strong a power is. People require a lot of practice to become good at whatever gift they have.

Frequent mediation

Meditate frequently. Meditation is the core value adding activity for psychic power. It helps in the development of the ability of harmonizing the body’s energy towards a certain goal. This is the foundation of psychic power and ability since they need to coordinate the energy and channel it towards a certain goal. It allows for the strengthening of the third eye and the sixth sense that are very important assets in seeing into the future.

Practice more often

Practice makes perfect and this is the same fact for psychic power and they need to practice seeing into the future and mind reading as many times as possible. This will strengthen their powers and senses more. This needs to be followed diligently and with a lot of self discipline.

Share with loved others

Share with others. This power is meant for helping others and this should be done on a regular basis. This could be done at a fee determined by the possessor of these powers but they should be commensurate with the current market conditions.

People should try as much as possible to utilize the natural talents that they have to benefit themselves and others. Some people depend on psychic power entirely as the source of their livelihood.

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