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Sunday, February 28, 2021
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The Amazingly Beautiful Semi-Precious Stones

Semi-precious stones are known to provide good luck to a person. Usually used in creating hand-made jewelry, such have gained popularity as well as a huge market demand. The use of stones has not only...

Semi-precious stones are known to provide good luck to a person. Usually used in creating hand-made jewelry, such have gained popularity as well as a huge market demand. The use of stones has not only ended in the creation and production of jewelries. In fact, a lot of products with semi-precious stones from decorative spheres to mantel clocks are now available.

A good way to wear jewelry on an affordable price is through the use of those made with semi-precious stones. Moonstone jewelry for instance; recovered in Sri Lanka which has the highest quality, moonstones are translucent stones that exude a shimmering effect which is called adularescence. Moonstone jewelries are often worn as pendants, beads in necklaces and bracelets, and rings. An everlasting favorite, garnet jewelry shows warmth and passion. A durable and versatile gem that represents the birthstone of January is one of history’s oldest stones. Since the time of Greeks, it is known as the gift of love and is usually associated with sexuality, fertility, and courage. Another good choice is the amethyst jewelry. As the birthstone of February, amethyst has been known as the color of royalty. These are also part of the British Crown Jewels. Suitable for everyday wear, jewelries made of amethyst are known to be durable and affordable. Good for rings, bracelets, anklets, necklaces, and pendants, amethyst is also popular as a wedding gift for 6th anniversary.

It is a belief that certain gem stones have unique powers. For instance, wearing jewelry with garnet is said to aid in easing the paid of a breakup. Amethyst on the other hand is known to protect against the effects of alcohol as it can slow down intoxication or prevent hangovers when wearing one. Emotional strength can be given by turquoise according to belief. In Asian civilization, jade is known to have an enormous importance as it is said to protect the wearer against psychic attacks and nightmares. Another is quartz which is one of the most important semi-precious stones as it is believed to call upon love especially the one called rare rose quartz. Wearing one is believed to increase one’s chances of finding a good relationship especially romantically as well as maintaining one.

If you want to wear semi-precious stones as jewelry then do so. Not only it will make you look exquisite and elegant, it can also attract positive energy into your body. However, make sure that you choose the right one. Following is a guide about birthstone arranged per month with symbol which you can use:


Month                         Stone                           Color                           Symbol           

January                        Garnet                         Red                             Friendship/Loyalty

February                      Amethyst                    Purple                          Sincerity/Security

March                          Aquamarine                 Blue                             Love/Hope

April                            Diamond                     Clear                            Love/Strength

May                             Emerald                       Green                          Faith/Courage

June                             Pearl                            White                          Tranquility/Longevity

July                              Ruby                           Red                             Success/Devotion

August                                    Peridot                                    Yellow Green              Fame/Dignity

September                   Sapphire                      Sapphire                      Blue

October                       Opal                            Pink/Peach                  Happiness/Truth

November                   Topaz                          Yellow                                    Fidelity/Good luck

December                    Turquoise                    Blue Green                  Prosperity/Happiness

While some believe that the associations of the above birth or natal stones are mentioned in the Bible, other believe that it refers to the twelve apostles. Whatever the belief, tradition, or saying about these stonesFree Reprint Articles, still we cannot deny the fact that such have an impact most especially to those who are fond of jewelries.

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We advise you to choose those semi-precious stones that fit personally you.

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