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Tuesday, March 19, 2019
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Why is this Happening to Me Again? An Interview with Dr. Michael Ryce

On first impression, Dr. Michael Ryce left an indelible mark on my perception of both metaphysical and physiological ideologies. Enamored by his overall intelligence, I found myself wrapped in a super...

On first impression, Dr. Michael Ryce left an indelible mark on my perception of both metaphysical and physiological ideologies. Enamored by his overall intelligence, I found myself wrapped in a superimposed philosophy about life, death and overall spirituality. A pioneer and driving force behind Heartland, a self-healing sanctuary in the Ozark Mountains of Missouri, Dr. Ryce explained what drove him to convey his methodologies of spiritual mentorship and teaching.

Born to his mother who had toxemia, Dr. Ryce suffered for over 20 years with debilitating physical problems. It was at one point in his life that he 'took a look around the world' and knew he had to do something about it. Attaining doctorates in Naturopathic Medicine, Holistic Philosophy and a background in electronics, business and theology, Dr. Ryce became a 'teachers' teacher and a healers' healer.'

A professional and dynamic speaker, Dr. Ryce not only holds positive workshops and seminars around the country, he has been featured on both television and radio as well. When I asked him about his journey in life, he responded, '...the Journey has been eclectic....'

But what makes Dr. Michael Ryce so special, one might ask. Dr. Ryce is on the mission of a lifetime to lend tools to self-healing in all aspects of individual lives. What tools? He elaborated on the panoramic perception of the masses and precisely explained the physiological dynamics and differences between religion and spirituality; and reality versus actuality.

To better comprehend his philosophical and proven theories, Dr. Ryce concluded, Reality is the 'real' world within ourselves. Actuality is the 'insane' world around us. When we are able to perceptually define the difference, it is then that we begin to have an understanding of how to achieve better overall health and well-being through forgiveness to the self - in reality.

In further paralleled explanation, Dr. Ryce elaborated on how the 'Passion of the Christ' has been misconstrued over time. By all accounts, most individuals would see the Passion as one of sacrifice and promotion of suffering. But before he told me this, he asked me, 'How do you define passion?' Of course, off the plane of consistency, I responded that Passion to me is my life's fulfillment, to be able to write and convey poignancy to those around me, to find purpose in my life... thus is my passion. And then as I finished my sentence, Dr. Ryce said, '...exactly, the Passion was meant to show the end of suffering, and that Jesus came to put an end to suffering...' When He (Christ) emerged from the tomb, he was unscathed and alive. He came back to show that no matter what amount of 'actuality' occurred, that the reality was that He had overcome it.

Energy Systems are eternal, he told me. Based on scientific research, energy systems do not die. They continue to live. What allows human beings to physically die is the fact that we have become bound to sin. But what exactly is sin? According to Dr. Ryce, sin is an acronym for Self Inflicted Nonsense. So what do energy systems, the Passion of the Christ and SIN have to do with living an eternal, healthy, happy life? In society, we accept learned conditioning that has been handed down from generation to generation. We have accepted that we must suffer, sacrifice and avoid sin to make it into Heaven. Not exactly.

The message behind Dr. Michael Ryce is to enlighten, to give individuals the necessary tools to find inspiration and hope through forgiveness. How does forgiveness figure into the equation? When we forgive our 'reality' for anger, sorrow, despair, and the slew of other emotions that we feel when encountering negativity, we empower ourselves to look beyond actuality and are thus better capable of retaining positive energy systems in our 'reality.'

Because brain cells are the body's storage system, each time we have a thought - whether it be positive or negative - a new brain cell is created. As the new cell circulates through the body, it connects its message with other vital organs, and physical systems. Therefore, if the cell is negative, it will ultimately interact in a negative way with the rest of one's body. If it is positive, the complete opposite will occur. Though this may seem very complex, it is rather simple. Dr. Ryce gave me an example of this energy transference: 'If Joe does something that really makes you mad...mad enough to hate him, what happens? Does Joe get punished for your angry thoughts? No, in fact by having the angry thoughts, you are punishing yourself...' So how does an individual overcome feelings like this? By forgiving the self for having the negative thought. What Joe did is the actuality of the situation, how you respond creates your own reality.

Dr. Ryce explained that we all have the necessary components to live fuller, happier, healthier lives - but we don't necessarily have or use the tools that are there for us to employ. A successful writer, minister of the time, collegiate researcher and pioneer, Dr. Michael Ryce asks the questions:

Why is this happening to me again?
Why are they doing this to me again?
Why am I doing this to myself again?

And aside from our internal abilities to overcome these negative feelings, he offers a sanctuary through his free workshops, seminars, and at Heartland. Author of the book, 'Why is This Happening to Me Again?!, a compilation of work presenting tools which can be used to manage mind, body, relationships and life; and more recently Dr. Ryce was appointed director of the Khaburis Manuscript foundation where he is editing translation work from the Manuscript. His new book based on the Khaburis, 'The End of Suffering, Resurrecting the Original Aramaic Jesus' is sure to become a best seller. (The Khaburis Manuscript is the oldest known copy of the New Testament in its native, written language, Aramaic.)

To learn more about Dr. Michael Ryce and his committed work, feel free to visit his website at where you can download his ebook, 'Why is this Happening to Me...Again?!' for free.

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2005 - Why is this Happening to Me Again? An Interview with Dr. Michael Ryce

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