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Monday, November 23, 2020
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Your second chance with love and life are the Images made from text

It does not matter how collapsed our lives may be; there are things that can lead us to the harbor of a second chance. David’s life was shattering and falling apart right in his eyes. And his only chance at rebuilding his life was about slipping away from his hands. And amid these happenings, he was supposed to be a man, but he had lost every iota of confidence he had in himself. Before he gave it all up, something that he once views as not significant became his saving grace.

Life is so full of possibilities, both negative and positive. In our existence as humans, we can never escape the time of enjoyment and endurance. We might lose the will both to life and to love, but there is always an assurance of second chance. And things that we perceive so little like pictures made with text can be our chance at getting back at life.


There have been a lot of experiences and moments in my life. A time when I know nothing but joy and love, but sometimes, I feel my life passing away, soaked in the feeling of regret and sadness. Sometimes I have the feeling of being the only one alive, living in so much loneliness. And sometimes, I feel I have the whole world at my back because I see a lot of people around me to cheer me on as I go on with my daily lives. I have lost life; I have gained a love, and I have watched it slipped out of my hands at the same time. There are also moments when people look at me and see the happiest man in the world, but inside of me is this gloomy feeling of sadness—a depth of sadness that might not be filled for a long time. I have enjoyed healing, and injuries in my very dear heart have long tormented me. I also remember times when I don’t know what love is. People loved, and I see it as a waste of time and a game that you will eventually lose at the end. Daily as I set a goal to put my life in order, I see them continuously drift away. Those times I felt different from the world. I see myself as being outstanding, but not in the positive but on the contrary. Normal people wake up each day to embrace the good things that life has in store for them. But instead of embracing every possibility that a new day should offer. I am always constantly stuck on how to deal with my yesterday. 


And as fate would have it for me, a day I could never forget in my existence came. I woke up one morning, ready for work, and the usual thing life offers me every day. I live my life the same way each day but different from the rest of the world. But little did I know that life has something different awaiting me.


Men are known for armors, but my knight that came wearing a glittering armor was Rosa. My female knight in the armor, Rosa, stepped into my office as a sales executive but little did I know she was to make me step into a whole new and different life. Initially, I closed my heart to Rosa because I had vowed, I will never give love any chance. And as time goes on, I surrendered to love, and it changed me and repair my soul. But the love which seems to me like the greatest was just friendship. Rosa only saw my life falling apart, and she offers to help rebuild it. As my life starts taking good shape, I constantly see myself fall deeply in love with Rosa. What was meaningless to me started becoming what my life depends on each day. I started looking forward to each day just to enjoy the new things life wants to offer. 

I loved Rosa, but I was new to love and was unfamiliar with the way to go about it. I want Rosa, but I did not know whether her love for me goes beyond friendship. So, I made up my mind to approach her one day at work and tell her that she meant the world to me, but I could not. I am a Man but was not confident enough to say to her how I felt. But what I could call confidence came when I came across the photo to text. I got to understand that if words are worth hundreds and a picture worth a thousand, then using words to make a picture will worth millions; in fact, it can be worth more than actions.


 Although I was skeptical about doing it at first, then I thought, what would I lose. I log on to the website and ordered pictures made with text, and I got it in no time. It was made into frames, and then I sent it as a gift to Rosa. So, I waited for the result of my actions because I dared anything that would make me lose her. No call and text, I was afraid and could not sleep over the night. But the following morning, my doorbell rang, forced myself out of bed and went for the door. Amazingly, I saw Rosa, and she greeted me with both hugs and kisses. Then I knew I had her heart already, and I felt like I just gained the whole world. When I thought love was deadFeature Articles, then images made from text gave me a second chance. This was the final statement of David as he rounds up the group discussion. He Had just narrated his story to tell people how they can always give love a second chance.


Using words to make a picture was his only chance at withholding the happiness he had lost a long time. It does not matter how little an act might be; it can go a long way in helping us. Our chance at restoration in life does not have to come through something we see as significant; we only need it to work for us.


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Many times, second chances might not come as luck but needs to be made. Images made from text will go a long way in making us win back the love life we once had

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