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Monday, August 10, 2020
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After Launch When Do You Start Blogging for Money?

When is the best time to start blogging for money after launching your site?
This question is always being 'kicked' around in the business blogging community and there seems to be no clear cut answer.
Read more to view both the pros and cons of monetizing your site early on as opposed to waiting a while to establish a loyal following.

When is the best time to start blogging for money after launching your site? This question is always being 'kicked' around in the business blogging community and there seems to be no clear cut answer.
Oh course when starting an online business using a blog platform you are looking to earn an income, therefore you are revved up and ready to go. On the other hand a vital component of the blog building process is to first develop traffic and trust. So we now have the question as to when to start blogging for the income you anticipate.

Here is a quick look at some of the pros and cons associated with business blogging as to when should your efforts to earn an income be started after launch.

==>  Monetizing Early 

No Surprises

By promoting goods and services as soon as you start blogging, people will come to understand what to expect. It may turn some of them away while others may accept your marketing efforts immediately, but at the very least everybody will know full well your intentions.

Maintain Layout Consistency

Down the road there will be little change made concerning the layout of your site in terms of opt-in boxes or advertising. Visitors will become familiar with your use of graphics and ads and these will therefore be less of a distraction to them.

Opportunity to Make Money Sooner

As the saying goes if you do not ask you do not get! Obviously by merchandising your site earlier your chances of generating an income are far greater than if you delay this effort until you build a loyal following.

Refine Promotional Skills

Practice makes perfect and this applies to everything you do therefore if you start promoting early on you will learn what works and what does not a lot quicker. Along these same lines frequent visitors can even leave comments suggesting ways to improve your efforts and results, and this feedback is invaluable.

==>  Monetizing Later 

Trust Built

Your delay to start blogging for money until you have developed a loyal following will make your marketing efforts easier and more effective. This is due primarily to the fact that these people are more familiar with you and feel more comfortable and trusting of you.

Build Larger Following

The longer you delay promoting on your site the larger your following will likely be so now you will have a large and captive audience to whom you can market. At this point you can expect to make a significant amount more with each marketing campaign as opposed to targeting a smaller amount of people.

Stronger Relationships

Having the opportunity to build a stronger relationship with readers not only makes your promotional efforts more effective but also allows for their constructive advice. Gathering feedback from the people you promote to is very valuable and a great way to quickly improve upon how you do business.

Increased Credibility

The time you invested has allowed you to become more of an authority as a result of your experience and research. This increases your credibility with your readers as well and  often times results in them referring others who are not regulars at your site to come see what it is you are promoting. Viral advertising like this is priceless!

When blogging for money it is of obvious importance to have traffic to which you can promote and developing this is an important part of the blog building process. However when you start blogging to earn an income you face the threat of turning many visitors away. Anybody starting an online business on this platform understandably wants to begin making money immediately, so what are their choices? The pros and cons reviewed above look at these 2 different scenarios and examine the consequences as to the timing of monetizing a blog. Both scenarios offer compelling reasons to either start promotional efforts early onFree Reprint Articles, or hold off until later in the blog building process. In the end it would seem to be more of a personal choice of the individual as to when to go full scale with their business blogging efforts. In either case with the proper amount of diligence and patience the efforts you invest will likely be rewarded.

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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