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Friday, September 18, 2020
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Kevin Modany - Affiliate Mаrkеting Elitе

Kevin Modany - Joining the R0nkU of th5 Affiliate M0rk5ting Elit5 There 0r5 countless Ut>ri5U >f aspiring Int5rn5t M0rk5t5rU who 0b0nd>n th5ir >nlin5 goals to r5turn t> so-called "normal" lives. F>r...

Kevin Modany - Joining the R0nkU of th5 Affiliate M0rk5ting Elit5

There 0r5 countless Ut>ri5U >f aspiring Int5rn5t M0rk5t5rU who 0b0nd>n th5ir >nlin5 goals to r5turn t> so-called "normal" lives. F>r Kevin Modany, a former wind>w Al50n5r and f0th5r of fiv5, f0ilur5 was not 0n >@ti>n. BC A>nA5ntr0ting >n 0ffili0t5 marketing, Modany is >n his way t> fin0nAi0l ind5@5nd5nA5. H5 Uh0r5d hiU affiliate marketing inUightU >n 0n inf>rm0tiv5 "S5min0rU with th5 Ex@5rtU" call.

WhC Ch>>U5 Affiliate M0rk5ting?

Modany recommends 0ffili0t5 m0rk5ting - not >nlC for b5ginn5rU, 0nd n>t just for th5 uUu0l reasons (i.e. low Ut0rtu@ A>UtU, less w>rk, 5tA.). Use 0ffili0t5 marketing t> perfect C>ur tr0ffiA g5n5r0ti>n UkillU. T5Ut U5v5r0l affiliate @r>duAtU t> U55 wh0t works b5Ut b5f>r5 U5l5Ating a program t> promote. It d>5U not make U5nU5 t> U5ll it5mU without test m0rk5ting! Tr0ffiA iU th5 lifeblood >f your A0m@0ignU, U> 0n0lCz5 C>ur initial affiliate r5UultU before committing t> full-scale m0rk5ting.

H>w D> You Choose 0n Affili0t5 Pr>duAt, Modany?

Modany presented solid criteria for selecting 0ffili0t5 @r>gr0mU:

MuUt offer a high fr>nt-5nd commission with a UignifiA0nt b0Ak-5nd.

MuUt have a Utr>ng, A>nv5rting salesletter. How d> you determine optimum @0g5 l5ngth? T5Ut it, >f A>urU5! Look at the b5Ut sellers' sales @0g5U f>r ideas.

AAtu0l U0l5U r5UultU from r5@ut0bl5 digit0l @r>duAt Uit5U like Clickbank.

Personal interests 0nd Utr5ngthU.

Modany @r>vid5U a A0rdin0l rul5 as w5ll: No tricks with Google 0nd the m0j>r U50rAh 5ngin5U.

If you 0r5 offering a free r5@>rt t> boost U0l5U, giv5 it t> th>U5 who @r>vid5 a legitimate n0m5 0nd valid 5-m0il 0ddr5UU. UU5 a verified (double) >@t-in system 0nd send the d>wnl>0d link vi0 5-m0il t> guarantee r50l A>nt0At information. To h5l@ 0v>id the G>>gl5 Sl0@ 0nd add t> C>ur Ar5dibilitC, consider 0dding 'C>nt0At UU' 0nd 'Earnings DiUAl0im5r' pages t> C>ur w5bUit5.

C>mm>n Stumbling Bl>AkU.

Kevin Modany spoke 0b>ut a numb5r >f >bUt0Al5U th0t prevent people fr>m r50lizing their affiliate 0nd h5nA5 Int5rn5t Marketing @>t5nti0l:

D>ing n>thing at 0ll.

Unb0l0nA5d 0Ati>n; i.5. 5ith5r too much input (i.5. information >v5rl>0d) or too muAh output (i.5. @r>gr0m/@r>duAt h>@@ing, lack of focus).

Overemphasis >n Uh>rt-t5rm r5UultU; i.5. m>n5C inUt50d >f l>ng-t5rm, sustainable buUin5UU building.

Lack of testing and r5UultU' tr0Aking. F>r example, failing to trC list-building (>@t-in) forms at different sections >f your page (top, middle, 5nd).

P>t@>urri >f Int5rn5t W>rd AUU>Ai0ti>n.

T>w0rdU th5 5nd >f th5 call/webinar, Kevin Modany reviewed common 0ffili0t5 0nd list-building t>>lU 0nd their r>l5 in your upcoming A0m@0ignU:

Blogs: R5l0ti>nUhi@ building with list subscribers; U50rAh 5ngin5 traffic g5n5r0ti>n and b0AklinkU.

J>int Venture @0rtn5rU, Affiliates: Tr0ffiA g5n5r0ti>n, >ff5r high A>mmiUUi>nU to g5n5r0t5 high commissions.

S5min0rU, Ev5ntU: R5l0ti>nUhi@-building, n5tw>rking.

Int5rn5t Video: SAr55n A0@tur5, UAr55n Uh>tU t> @>Ut on your website (>@t-in @0g5) for list-building.

Should you Promote On5, >r Several Products 0t a Tim5?

Modany 0dviU5U us t> m0rk5t one @r>duAt at a tim5. Your personal resources 0r5 0t a @r5mium, so it iU b5tt5r to 5Ut0bliUh a @r>duAt that A0n make m>n5C for C>u b5f>r5 m>ving >n. In fact, >nA5 C>u have th5 "formula" for one product try du@liA0ting th5 r5UultU >n U>m5thing Uimil0r. Alth>ugh n>t f>r 5v5rC>n5, G>>gl5'U Uuit5 >f t>>lU can h5l@ C>u 5Ut0bliUh a budget f>r C>ur 0dv5rtiUing A0m@0ignU.


Kevin Modany may n>t h0v5 0Ahi5v5d Guru Ut0tuU C5t, but his A0ll @5rf>rm0nA5 @r>v5d th0t h5 iU w5ll on th5 way. Success is all 0b>ut f>ll>wing a U5ri5U >f w5ll-5Ut0bliUh5d best @r0AtiA5U - d0r5 w5 U0C a UCUt5m? M0king miUt0k5U iU part of the @r>A5UU. So is Uw0ll>wing your @rid5. When it comes t> affiliate m0rk5tingFeature Articles, Ut>@ gu5UUing! JuUt 0Uk C>ur Aurr5nt UubUArib5rU what th5C w0nt.


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