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Tuesday, May 21, 2019
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The 4 Ps Of Marketing And How To Apply Them To Affiliate Marketing

It doesn't matter what type of affiliate product, or in fact any product, service of otherwise you are trying to sell. You can greatly increase your success if you follow the 4 P's of marketing. 1st ...

It doesn't matter what type of affiliate product, or in fact any product, service of otherwise you are trying to sell. You can greatly increase your success if you follow the 4 P's of marketing. 1st P = Pain When a customer buys a product it is driven by pain. They need the product to help them, it is an essential item that they require to go through their daily life. Obviously this can be translated very differently depending on the product in question. For example buying a new car, the pain is not quite as clear, it could be phycological the customer thinks that they need a new car to match their lifestyle or to impress. The customer may require a different type of car such as a SUV or 4x4 as their needs have changed. But the low down fact is that their is a pain involved which leads to a purchase. A much clearer example is a everyday product such as a kitchen clearer or detergent. The customers pain is that they cannot remove the unsightly dirt and grime from a household appliance. 2nd P = Process This is the process by which you can fix or solve the customers problem. In the case of the kitchen cleaner problem you might be able to offer a cleaning product that will destroy all types of dirt and grime and leave the appliance looking like new, essentially you can help the customer and remove the pain. You explain the process or workflow, you can provide the customer with basic essentials such as product descriptions, the benefits and features of the chosen product. A step by step guide to how the product works, what is the end result etc. 3rd P = Proof. People are skeptical, they don't always trust everything they read or see. How do you combat this, easy, provide the customers with product reviews, testimonials from other customers, case studies and stories. You need to give the customer some proof that they are not alone in this and other people have experienced the same problem and removed the pain using this product. If you look at the leading online stores you will see countless comments and reviews for each product, these can include a star rating and a testimonial. This is great way to reassure potential customers that the product will do what they require. 4th P = Profit. If you can identify the customers pain, provide them a process or workflow on how to remove that pain and finally prove to them that this will work. They will buy from you and you will make profit. Its as simple as that. How to use this in affiliate marketing. In the affiliate marketing world this is extremely important, you cannot just simply recommend a product to any customer. Unless the customer is currently in pain and needs that product they will not understand what this product is going to do for them and therefore why should they buy it. You need to target the best product to fix the customers problem. Hold their hand through the sales process and prove to them that this will solve their problems. Real life examples. You can use this principle to sell very general products, such as a internet marking course that takes a customer for zero to hero. They have maybe tried affiliate marketing before but have not made any money or even worse have lost money. They are in pain, they now that other people are making money from the internet why can't they. The second example is a much more focused niche. A customer may be using a pay per click advertising method such Google AdwordsFree Web Content, they are losing the battle against their competitors and are throwing bad money after bad. They need a specific product that will help them improve and remove the pain. If you can offer a solution to their problem and prove it will work you are going to make profit. I wish you the best of success.

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