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Friday, October 22, 2021
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5 Transmission Fluid Leak Causes You Need to Know

5 Transmission Fluid Leak Causes You Need to Know Driving your car when you have a leaky transmission can be problematic. Your vehicle won’t run the way it should, leading to additional problem...

5 Transmission Fluid Leak Causes You Need to Know

Driving your car when you have a leaky transmission can be problematic. Your vehicle won’t run the way it should, leading to additional problems.

Transmission fluid lubricates and enables your car to perform well. Having a leaky transmission will prevent your vehicle from performing at its best.

The leaking fluid is red or translucent, which will be dripping underneath your car. That’s why it’s easier to notice. You can spot it in your driveway or wherever you park your vehicle.

Once you observe that your transmission fluid is leaking, try to get it fixed at the earliest. It will solve the problem and elevate the lifespan of your vehicle.

What Does Transmission Fluid Look and Feel like?

As a vehicle owner, it’s essential to know what an automatic transmission fluid feels and looks like. Knowing it will help you identify when your car has a leaky transmission.

The fluid is slick and has an oily touch and feel to it. Its texture is similar to engine oil or brake fluid.

What Causes Transmission Fluid to Leak?

Did you know gaps within your transmission can lead to a leaky transmission? It’s one of the common causes where fluid leaks out through these gaps.

Here’s a list of causes to help you.

Cracked or Broken Fluid Lines

Over time, the fluid lines get broken or cracked. It happens when the debris hits these lines, or they expose to excessive heat. The fluid lines often get damaged completely, which contributes to transmission fluid leaks.

Fixing broken fluid lines is a complex task. That’s why it’s best to opt for professional automatic transmission repair shop and avoid damaging your car further.

Torque Converter Cracks

It can be another cause of transmission fluid leaks. When your torque converter develops cracks or has damaged bearings, it causes transmission fluid to leak.

These issues aren’t simple, and due to their complexity, you need to get professional help. If the torque converter is the primary reason, you will need a skilled mechanic to fix it.

Pan Gasket Failure

A leaky transmission could be a result of pan gasket failure. The failure occurs due to improper installation and alignment. It also happens due to excessive exposure to heat. But there’s no need to worry as replacing the pan gasket isn’t expensive.

Therefore, you need to consider doing it as soon as you identify the problem. Once you replace the pan gasket, it’ll help prevent the occurrence of other transmission-related issues.

Broken Seals

Broken seals can also contribute to transmission fluid leaking. These seals are prone to cracking. And it happens when these seals are exposed to heat regularly.

The fluid seeps through the seal’s cracks and leaks. In this case, the output or input shaft part of your transmission will be leaking if a broken seal is the fundamental cause of the leak.

Transmission Pan Leaking

Transmission pans are the common reason for leaking. You need to know that there are two causes of a transmission pan leak. First, your drain plug or bolt may not be secured enough. It’s essential to check their tightness as they tend to get loose over time.

Second, if there’s a hole or gap in your transmission pan, it’ll contribute to transmission fluid leak. You shouldn’t ignore even a small hole as it can cause a leak.

Moreover, objects such as rocks can also puncture the transmission pan. That’s why there shouldn’t be any holes in your transmission pan.

Things to Do When your Transmission Fluid is Leaking

Once you’re sure that your car has a leaky transmission, it’s time to get it fixed. It won’t prevent you from driving your vehicle. However, it can be a sign of a bigger vehicle problem down the road.

Moreover, it sounds better to get a minor issue fixed before it turns into a bigger problem. To maintain the lifespan of your car, it’s not wise to ignore transmission fluid leaking.

There’s no denying that identifying where the leak is coming from isn’t an easy task. That’s where you need to seek the assistance of a professional mechanic.

With the help of a skilled technician, you will be able to get an accurate diagnosis. If it’s something simple, such as a loose bolt or hinge, the mechanic will fix it right away.

However, if it’s turn out to be a severe problem, your mechanic might need to replace the defective parts.

Over to you

As mentioned, driving when you’re experiencing transmission fluid leaking isn’t dangerous. But it’s not recommended as it won’t allow you to drive your car with ease. Therefore, it’s best to learn about fluid leaking and spot it right away.

If you find drops of transmission fluid underneath your parked car, it’s time to look for reliable automatic transmission repair services. This wayArticle Submission, you’ll find the solution and prevent the risk of more significant problems.

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