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Wednesday, September 23, 2020
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Car Diagnostics – A Speedy Way to Detect Vehicle Faults

Pre-emptive maintenance is absolutely a necessary measure for long-term smooth operability of a car. If you want this, you need to curb the minor problem at their roots.

The development of electronically aided car diagnostics has been beneficial to consumers and automotive technicians alike. The computerisation of car components allows technicians to detect issues with them much faster. With a car diagnostics in Northampton, you can address impending problems early on and prevent them from becoming expensive repairs.

What is Car Diagnostics?

Car diagnostics is a way of evaluating a vehicle’s performance in which a technician uses electronic modes of testing. A host of built-in sensors and microchips collects data on the functioning of all internal components and send them to an Electronic Control Unit (ECU).

The ECU continuously analyses these data with respect to some standard performance and data. Upon detecting a deviation, it generates an error code which is indicative of a defect.

Using code reading or car diagnostics tools, scanners or even a computer equipped with the right device, a technician can quickly detect faults in an engine.

An engine diagnostics can help you to assess faults with all car parts including –


Oil and fuel tank

Exhaust system

Fuel injectors

Coolant pump

Ignition coils


As you'll notice, the above components are situated deep inside a car's bonnet. So, fissuring out the issues in them in case of a malfunction can be very time-consuming. Thanks to modern diagnostics machines, these issues can be figured out quickly.

Car Diagnostics Is Best Left To Professionals

Tools that can be used at home for vehicle diagnosis are available in the market, but they can be quite expensive. Moreover, the diagnostic error codes tell you only the area of the fault. To mend these defects you need experience and the professional grade know-how.

At Jackson’s Diesel Centre, expert technicians use state-of-the-art diagnostics tools and are capable of carrying out all necessary repairs. They also offer engine mapping and DPF cleaning services.

A Brief On Diagnostics Codes

The device used for Car Diagnostics is called an Onboard Diagnostics Tool (OBD). The trouble or error codes technician reads from these are sometimes known as OBD codes.

Generic codes are universal for cars from all manufacturers. It follows a particular format. An example of this format is – P0301.

The first letter indicates in the main vehicle area where the trouble is. 'P' stands for power-train, 'B' for the body; 'C' is for Chassis, while 'U' means User Network.

The Second digit indicates whether or not the error code is for a generic or a manufacturer defect.

Tips For Car Maintenance

Here are few tips by which you can ensure that your performs optimally –

Check and clean the air filters regularly.

Ensure your car’s battery is in the right condition.

Change the spark plugs with time.

Inspect the timing belts regularly and replace them at recommended intervals.

With engine diagnosticsFind Article, you ensure that your car stays well-functioning for a considerable duration.

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