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Sunday, August 25, 2019
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Drowsy Driving is a Punishable Act; Risks Safety too

In most of countries drowsy driving is punishable offence, so we all need to learn drowsy driving from best driving school.

Driver fatigue is described as the major reason for thousands of accidents and casualties that happen every year. Drowsy driving is generally caused by sleep deprivation. Lack of sleep leads to slow down in reaction time, judgment and ability to concentrate.

Signs of fatigue: Drifting from the lane, hitting rumble strips, repeated yawning, difficulty in focusing, tailgating or missing road signs. The inability to recall past moments of driving or not able to see signals or keep the eyes focused are immediate signs that the driver is not in control because of drowsiness and fatigue. 

Maximum Alert

Driving is a complex task and requires constant focus and attention to changing stimuli. When tired or exhausted, one cannot mentally stay on top. Sleep deprivation adds up against the body limits its ability to function.

Checks Against Drowsy Driving

The best solution to driver fatigue is avoid being tired. Take enough sleep before a night drive. Before starting on a long night drive make sure that there were several nights of 7 to 9 hours of sleep.

Take Breaks: A break during the long drive will help in stretching  and moving the body. So plan the breaks and even a quick 20-minute nap.

Midnight Halt: The time between midnight and early morning demands maximum sleep for the body. So it will be risky to drive during those drowsy hours.

Schedule Regular stops every 100 miles or two hours

Avoid Alcohol and medications that may impair performance

Safe Driving

Ignoring the drowsiness and then continuing to drive is a big risk. Driving is never a routine activity. The moment you start the ignition, a driver is going to encounter a new set of circumstances behind the wheel than the day before; be it mental feelings,  the weather outside;  the conditions of the road or the vehicle.

Signs of Drowsy Driving

It is easy to gauge the symptoms when the driver is slipping into drowsiness. The following signals need special attention.

•    Slow in recognizing and responding to situations.

•    Difficulty in processing information and noticing subtle changes. 

•    Experiencing less than a second sleep episode called micro-sleeps without notice.

•    Agitated and moody driving behavior.

•    Impaired judgment and vision

•    Drifting in the lanes, missing an exit, drive in slower speed than the speed limit, brake suddenly or fail to slow down in advance for stop signs and signals.

Technology Checks

Several automakers have new devices. Mercedes-Benz has developed a system called Attention Assist, which is standard equipment on E-Class, CL-Class and some S-Class sedans.

When the sensor detects erratic steering, an audible warning sound and an instrument panel flashes the message: “Time for a rest?”  Such initiatives give the driver feedback to wake up and get off the road safely.

But it cannot be expected from motorists to pull over because the dashboard is flashing a coffee cup.

Stricter penalties are also trying to check drowsy driving. New Jersey enunciated a law banning drowsy driving in 2003. New Jersey drivers involved in a traffic accident are considered  knowingly fatigued if they were more than 24 hours. The maximum penalties include a 10-year prison sentence and a $100Free Web Content,000 fine.

But the problem is-- drowsy motorists are hard to book. A Breathalyzer test for fatigue is hard to prove in court. That is why other states are not following New Jersey when it comes to penalizing drowsy driving. 

But the penalty sends a message to drivers.  It does come handy to prosecutors to use it as a legal tool in a serious crash.

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